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The Philippines is a conservative market republic located in the Philippine archipelago in Southeast Asia. It is a continuation of the Philippine nation of Terra Nova which was led by Yeti_MC. The current nation owner of the Philippines is Jayisa , and the current president of the Philippines is _atan.

It is to be noted that illidanlestat has changed his username to Cailles.

Claim map of the Philippines

History on Terra Nova (abridged)

The Philippines was 15 months old on Terra Nova at the time of Terra Aurora's launch. It was the successor to the fascist Philippines led by Skylordvoxaco from 2019-to 2021, which itself was the successor to the Luzon Empire lead by Shirazmates in 2018.

Luzon Empire

The Luzon Empire was the 5th nation created on EarthMC Terra Nova, being formed by the mod Shirazmates on November 5, 2018. Very little documentation of the Luzon Empire was taken, however, the only known footage of the nation was a single YouTube video taken by Shirazmates himself which showed some of the buildings in the nation's capital city, Manila.

The Fascist Philippines

In the middle of 2019, Shirazmates gave up his leadership of the Luzon Empire, which was renamed from the Luzon Empire to The Philippines at that point. Skylordvoxaco, or Skylord for short, transformed the nation into a self-proclaimed dictatorship with himself as a leader.

First Philippine Civil War

In late 2019, angered by Skylordvoxaco's tyranny, SirInfinity, mayor of the town Bacolod, seceded from the Philippines, starting the First Philippine Civil War. During the conflict, the Philippine nation rose to a population of over 200, reaching the first tab of the nation list. SirInfinity and his rebellion surrendered in October 2020, joining the Philippine nation and concluding the First Civil War.


Shortly after the First Philippine Civil War, the Philippines dropped from a population of 200 down to a much smaller 6. Skylordvoxaco was very secretive about his plans to citizens within his nation and was in total isolation on the global scene.

New Players

In the later months of 2020 and the earlier months of 2021, the Philippines would gain many players which would become very influential in the nation's future. These are:

-Illidanlestat (joined August 2020)

-Jayisa (joined September/October 2020)

-Yeti_MC (joined November 2020)

-Phantom1958 (joined November 2020)

-PagongJuice04 (joined January 2021)

-DTK69 (joined January 2021)

-Vippyyy (joined February 2021)

These players would all go on to make their towns within the Philippines, with Illidanlestat owning Dumaguete, Jayisa owning Naga, Yeti_MC, and Phantom1958 owning Greater Manila, PagongJuice04 and DTK69 owning Pagong City, and Vippyyy owning Palawan. These seven players would also all share the same disliking for Skylordvoxaco's dictatorship as SirInfinity.

Second Philippine Civil War

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On February 12, 2021, Illidanlestat announced the beginning of the Second Philippine Civil War. He was quickly backed by all but Skylordvoxaco, and, on the same day as the civil war started, eight of the nine Philippine towns seceded from the nation. They formed their nation, the Philippine Federal Republic, on February 21, 2021. The civil war lasted for four entire months, with the republic finally beating out the dictatorship after Skylordvoxaco's abdication and, days later, Skylord's ban. The Philippine nation was disbanded by Skylord's second in command, Ocurtamemes, and the Philippine Federal Republic renamed itself to the Philippines in-game shortly after, although the republic kept its longer name formally.

Philippine Federal Republic

List of Presidents

Throughout the Philippines' 15-month history in Terra Nova, the country had eight terms and four presidents, those being:

-Feb. 2021: Yeti_MC

-Apr. 2021: PagongJuice04

-Jun. 2021: PagongJuice04

-Aug. 2021: Yoda2301

-Oct. 2021: Vippyyy

-Dec. 2021: Yeti_MC

-Feb. 2022: Yeti_MC

-Apr. 2022: Yeti_MC


Foreign Policy

Compared to Skylordvoxaco's isolationist dictatorship, the Philippine Federal Republic was far more involved in the global scene. The nation quickly gained a reputation for being an imperialist, pro-war, conservative nation after successful and neutral wars with the Omani Sultanate, China, Tanzania, Minnesota, and more. The country had numerous colonies throughout its lifespan as well, some being the Omani Sultanate, Oman, Victoria Land, Marie Byrd Land, the USA, and Mozambique.

Economic Policy

The Philippines found success in laissez-faire capitalist policies, with many in the nation amassing large sums of wealth. Shop plots were very cheap in the nation, with prices ranging from 10-30 gold for 1-4 chunk large shops in the capital city Greater Manila.

Republic of Nusantara

In April of 2022, the Philippine Federal Republic merged with its long-time ally, Majapahit. The union was given the name Nusantara. The Nusantara system of government itself was identical to the old Philippine government.

History on Terra Aurora

The Yeti Administration

The Philippine government on Terra Aurora was not carried over from Terra Nova immediately, and the nation was thus without a constitution for over a month. Up until the constitution passed, the Philippines resorted to an oligarchical system of government. Yeti_MC was chosen to be president of the young oligarchy, as he was the last president of Terra Nova.

Yeti's Cabinet

-President: Yeti_MC

-Vice President: Lammchpx (May 1 - May 20), Vippyyy (May 21 - June 19)

-Secretary of Finance: DTK69

-Secretary of Foreign Affairs: PagongJuice04

-Secretary of Defense: Jayisa

-Secretary of External Development: N/A (May 1 - May 20), Illidanlestat (May 21 - June 19)

-Secretary of Immigration: N/A (May 1 - May 27), Lammchpx (May 28 - June 19)

New Towns During the Yeti Administration




-Chowking (Filipino colony)



-Visayas (Formerly Bohol & Cebu)


-Masbate (Removed due to town owner getting banned)


-Empire_Onigirl (Filipino colony)





Not including Philippine colonies, the Philippines started with a population of zero, as Terra Aurora had not yet launched by the start of the Yeti administration, reached a peak population of 73, and ended with a population of 73 as well.

Land Area

Not including Philippine colonies, The Philippines started with a land area of zero chunks, as Terra Aurora had not yet launched by the start of the Yeti administration, and ended with a land area of 737 chunks.

History During the Yeti Administration

Terra Aurora's Launch

On the day of Terra Aurora's premium-only launch, Lammchpx, Jayisa, and Yeti_MC joined the server to form their three towns. Both Lamm and Yeti wanted the capital city Manila, so the two decided that they would race each other to create it first. Yeti got a head start due to waiting in the Terra Aurora queue an hour before Terra Aurora even opened, but after a server crash put him at the back of the four-hundred long queue line Lamm won the race, making the 14th town on Terra Aurora and 1st in the Philippines. Jayisa was the second Filipino to make a town after forming Bicol, and Yeti created Luzon minutes after Jayisa created Bicol.

Creating the Nation

After creating their towns, Jayisa, Lammchpx, and Yeti_MC began collecting gold to create the Philippine nation. Lamm would end up mining over half of the 2048 gold required in only 4 days. On the 4th day of Terra Aurora, the Philippines amassed all of the gold required to make the nation, and Lammchpx created the nation on May 4, 2022.


Originally, Lammchpx agreed with Yeti_MC to give Yeti the position of nation owner in return for the two racing for the town name Manila, but Lamm broke his side of the agreement, feeling he contributed too much to not own the nation. Lamm also promised Yeti that Luzon would be the capital city of the Philippines, but broke this promise as well, believing that the capital city should be the one that housed the nation's owner.

In addition, Manila violated the border agreement with Luzon. The original southern border between Manila and Luzon followed a river connecting the Manila Bay and the Laguna de Bay, and chunk maps of the border were drawn accordingly. However, Lamm terraformed the river and altered its shape, claiming four chunks onto Luzon's side of the border. Manila also griefed the unclaimed concrete roads in Luzon every other day, and, at one point, started building structures on Luzon's land. Tensions between the two towns rose as a result, although tensions have waned recently.

Battle of Supremesvilles
Lammchpx, Vippyyy, and Filolog beginning their invasion of Supremesvilles

On May 28, 2022, a group of three from Supremesvilles, a town in the Maluku province of real-life Indonesia, attacked the Filipino senator Filolog for visiting Supremesville. Filolog, wearing enchanted gear, safely escaped the ambush, but was chased by boat and on foot all the way to the Philippine Island of Negros. Filolog then fought all three attackers by himself, causing the attackers to retreat back to their base in Supremesvilles. Filolog called for backup in the Philippine nation-only chat, and three volunteers, Lammchpx, Vippyyy, and Yeti_MC, met up with Filolog to begin an invasion of Supremesvilles. The four landed on the island directly north of Supremesvilles, and, upon the three attackers seeing the four Filipinos all in maxed diamond and netherite gear, Supremesvilles surrendered to the Philippines. The Philippines annexed Supremesvilles minutes after the surrender, with Supremesvilles becoming the second largest city in the Philippines by population.

British Colony

On June 4, 2022, the British government created an oversees territory in Philippine soil, Port_Cooper. As a result, Yeti_MC left his town, Luzon, to create a Philippine colony in British soil, Port_Marcos. The name "Port Marcos" is in reference to the controversial Philippine president of the 20th century, Ferdinand Marcos Sr. As a result, Britain abandoned their oversees territory, trading their 16 chunk Port Cooper for the 2 chunk Port Marcos, effectively netting the Philippines 224 gold in the exchange and making the conflict a minor victory for the Philippines.

The Lamm Administration


The Banana War

Battle Of Pagadian-Labangan during one of the suicide charges.
The Filipino Forces after winning the battle of Pagadian-Labangan

On August 7 a new town called Banana was created by 2 people, Yki1025 and Amiibo3, they had created the town in what was once Shibatown, a town formerly owned by Navi1692 who had joined during the Premium release of Earthmc. They would later be joined by rikkyunboy. A few hours after its creation illidanlestat killed Yki1025 as he had refused to join the Philippines, this was made worse when both realized that they could not speak eachothers language, illidanlestat spoke English for EarthMC and Yki1025 and amiibo3 spoke Japanese. This caused the start of the Banana war where the next day Kuzok, mayor of Mindanao started voice chatting with illidanlestat, he had told him about the crisis and it was during that moment when Yki1025 and Amiibo3 were online (rikkyunboy had yet to join a few days later). They went to the town and fighting almost began as soon as one of them got out of the wilderness. They left a few hours later as they had barely gotten out of claims. This cycle continued until rikkyunboy joined, he got dragged into the fights. Kuzok and illidanlestat were in the vc of the Mindanao Discord and The 3 members of Banana Town had some form of communication together (it is still unknown) as they had joined after fighting had ended for both amiibo3 and later on rikkyunboy. The town continued to expand, zRqsty and to some extent Lamnn, Silusit, toadness_ and to a further extent Neonownz and Sillyduggo had intervened. This is also when Keigh_joviYT joined, he had translated the signs along with Kuzok but unlike him he spoke proper Japanese but did not have a Japanese keyboard. He had said that "The talking was leading to nowhere" as Yki1025, Amiibo and rikkyunboy refused to give up their town. Keigh_joviYT would later join Manila as Lamm was online and in the voice chat during that time. Suddenly illidanlestat, Kuzok, Keigh_joviYT and zRqsty started building obsidian structures, it was later destroyed by Kuzok and toadness_ but it destroyed the morale causing negotations to open up. They asked to be moved to Vietnam as they "could not take it anymore" in a translation. It was accepted but they became inactive right after, 3 days later they all went online, this alerted illidanlestat leading to him going to the town once again, illidanlestat built a wall in a town chunk where everyone was allowed to build in, Yki1025 tried to destroy the wall but failed, when he had went out of claims to try to break the wall from the side he entered wilderness which alerted illidanlestat to start killing him. Yki1025 escaped to in real life what is Baroy, Lanao Del Norte which is northeast of Banana, this escalated as both Amiibo3 and rikkyunboy intervened in the fight leading to the Battle Of Baroy, the battle lasted for 10-25 minutes (1-2 Minecraft Days). The battle ended after Yki1025, Amiibo3 and rikkyunboy ran out of items to fight with. Around an hour later all of the members of Banana had gone to raid Mindanao. toadness alerted everyone and a force of 3 players was assembled to begin a counter attack these players were illidanlestat, Kuzok and toadness_. As zRqsty and Kuzok were getting on the server the counter attack was launched, illidanlestat arrived first and was bombarded as Yki1025, Amiibo3 and rikkyunboy charged at him. The Battle Of Pagadian-Labangan had begun, illidanlestat quickly charged back and called for help despite him taking only one hearts in damage and rikkyunboy already being severly damaged. A few minutes later Kuzok and toadness_ would arrive and were defeated in two minutes. zRqsty would arrive and quickly start killing anyone from Banana who went out of claims. YNMPylons and Keith_joviYT would be invited to the fight and accepted and both would join voice chat. YNMPylons arrived then Keith_joviYT would arrive a few minutes later as fighting would continue. Sillyduggo would provide some support in the war, helping Keith_joviYT in gearing up. The fighting would end after multiple suicide charges. Hunters from Memphis, United States would attempt to get to the town but fail and stop in Mindanao seeing that the battles had ended in dynmap. The suicide chargings would stop and the battle was won by the Philippines after almost 2 hours of fighting. Yki1025 would protest and attempt to negotiate with signs but fail. The war is still ongoing as of August 14 2022 but all of the battles were won by the Philippines.


The Philippine constitution was passed unanimously on 28 May 2022 and entered effect on 12 June 2022.

Legislative Branch

The legislative branch is split into two houses, the senate, and the house of representatives.


The Senate is the first of the two houses of congress.

The Senate is comprised of multiple senators, with each in-game city correlating to one senator. The governor of each city is generally the city's senator as well. However, this is not always the case, as the president and vice president cannot hold seats in the Senate whilst holding office. In the event that the president and/or vice president is the governor of a city, that city's senate seat is held by another town resident decided by the president and/or vice president. If there are no eligible citizens to take the position of senator in a town, that town has no representation in the senate.

The Senate is led by the Senate Majority Leader, which accepts proposals to the Senate Floor and establishes the Senate's agenda. The Senate Majority Leader is appointed by the political party with the most Senate seats. The Senate Minority Leader may also submit issues to the Senate agenda. The Senate Minority Leader is appointed by the remaining senators which are not in the leading political party.

Senators may vote three ways during a senate vote; Yay, Nay, or Abstain. Additionally, a senator may decide to not vote entirely. Generally, a bill needs above 50% of senators who voted Yay or Nay to have voted Yay to pass in the Senate. If the number of Nays outweighs the number of Yays, or if over 50% of the senators abstain, the bill fails in the Senate. If the number of Yays and Nays are equal, and if under 50% of senators abstain, the vice president of the Philippines may cast a tie-breaking vote.

In certain situations, a bill requires over 2/3 of senators who voted Yay or Nay to have voted Yay to pass in the senate. This is so if the bill is to change the constitution in any way.

House of Representatives

The House of Representatives, or House for short, is the second of the two houses of congress.

The House of Representatives is comprised of multiple house representatives. The governor of each in-game city divides their city into multiple barangays, or districts, with five citizens per barangay at minimum. Each barangay correlates to one house representative. Each house representative is determined via. city elections which take place every two months. The president and vice president cannot hold seats in the House whilst holding office.

Voting in the House of Representatives is identical to voting in the Senate. A bill must pass in both houses to be enacted as law.

Executive Branch


Judicial Branch


Nation Owner

The nation owner of the Philippines is Jayisa. The nation owners of the Philippines' two colonies, New_Guinea and Indonesia, are Alvin_Build_13 and Yoda2301, respectively.


Population and Towns

As of 5/28/21, the Philippines Federal Republic has 28 towns, 1168 chunks, and a population of 79. This gives the meganation a population density of ? / town, and an average town size of ? chunks. (YET TO BE UPDATED)


Although there is no official language in the Philippines, the dominant languages in the nation are English and Tagalog. English is spoken by almost every citizen in the nation, and Tagalog is spoken by a sizeable percentage as well. Cebuano, Turkish, and Spanish are also spoken by relatively small percentages of the population.


Catholicism is the largest religion in the Philippines, with Protestantism at a close second. Islam and atheism are also followed by sizeable portions of the Philippines, although less so than the two dominant Christian religions.