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Coat of Arms
National Information
Full Name
Towny Name
/n list
Formed May 14th, 2022
National Anthem
Population 3
Chunks 104
Towns 1
Capital City The_Golden_Apple
Largest City The Golden Apple
Oldest City
Government Information
Political System
King Neowyld
Economic System
Army Size
Part of
Historical Information


Ross, located in Antarctica serves the purpose of housing TGA (The Golden Apple), a large casino with a variety of games. The casino is primarily managed by FadedCookie, with the chairman of the company being Neowyld.


Ross includes many casino games including:

  • The Lucky Tower - A game where you put 1g in and lights light up going up and up getting you a variety of prizes when winning
  • Rocket Roulette - Putting 1 gold block into this game shoots out a random rocket. A red rocket means you lost your gold, a magenta means you doubled your money, a yellow means you won 45 gold and finally, a green means you won the jackpot, netting you 180g
  • Blackjack - Similar to IRL blackjack (Dealer Required)
  • Powercube - Put in 1g to play, guessing all 3 numbers correct gains you 500g
  • Spin and WIN - Put in 1g and lights will rotate eventually landing on 1 light. If it lands on the middle you get a prize of atleast 3g and up to 3 netherite scraps.
  • Plinko - put in 1g and a ball will shoot out, depending on which hopper it lands in you get 1g, 1 gold block or cobblestone
  • Double or nothing - Just as the name suggests, put in a netherite scrap, gold ingot or gold nugget and have a chance to double your item or lose it all
  • Super Sniper - Put in 1g and be prepared to use a bow to shoot a target, if you do it quick enough gain gold (Dealer Required)
  • Longshot - Bet 1-20g and a button will be pressed, shooting out an item from a dispenser. Depending on how far it goes you get the corresponding amount of gold (Dealer Required)
  • Flower Game - Bet gold and a dealer will bonemeal 3 grass, depending on how many flowers are grown, you get anywhere from 4x your bet, to losing it all (Dealer Required)


Go up 1 floor you will be greated by an amazing course of parkour! Have fun trying to get to the end!

Ice Racing

Go up another floor from Parkour, you can find ice racing and can enjoy racing for the thrill of it! [[Category:Antartica]