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The Flag of the Kingdom of Texas

The Kingdom of Texas, also known as The Crown of Texas, and more informally known as Texas is an nation that was created on May 22, 2022 by North Paso, Carl4k, and JEGuerra (formerly known as FatherBritain). It is centered in the southern US, with its capital of Houston sitting on the Gulf of Mexico.


Before the Formation

Despite the fact that Texas would later be unified by the Texan Kingdom, the early history of Texas was uncertain. About 5 different groups laid claim to Texas before the server open, with most of them wanting Texas to serve as a subject of them. The one group that wished to see an independent Texas was that which was under the leadership of JEGuerra (former member of the First Texas Republic under Acehard01/Osowiecs), and North Paso (long term member of Rio Grande). Despite negotiations working in their favor, opening day of the server would still be a rough one for them.

On May 1st, the player Aehmett became the first player to set foot in Texas. Aehmett, and his second in command Egaa, wished to make Texas a colony of Estonia. They managed to create the first Texas town of Austin. Soon after, Paso, along with XDoomGoonX and DolphinPlay managed to reach Texas and found the second Texas town of Houston. The next day, Carl4k, another player in Paso's faction, created the town of Rio Grande. On the 3rd day, the town of Dallas was created, once again under the Paso-Guerra faction. By the 4th day, however, the town of San Antonio, along with the nation of America, was formed. In an attempt to try and keep Texas unified, Paso and Guerra managed to negotiate the sale of San Antonio, in exchange for joining the nation of America (prior to this, they had been part of the nation of Louisiana). It was around this time that DoomGoon and Dolphin broke off and made the town of Latveria in the Missouri area, and Guerra managed to purchase Austin off of Aehmett. Another town to pop up in Texas around this time was the town of New Braunsfels which stayed a part of Louisiana (it would fall two months after being founded). The town of El Paso would form a week later and would join the nation of Mexico.

The Creation of Texas and the High Kingdom Period

The High Kingdom Period of Texas was a period of time from the creation of the nation up until the inactivity of King North Paso in Mid-September. It was marked by the fact that during this time, the Kingdom would reach its peak in strength, having consolidated most of Texas, having a total of 24 towns and 250 people, a daily active player count of 15, and reaching /n list 1. This period was also notable for having a mixed Republican and Monarchal system in place.

As Colony of Norway

On May 22, 2022, North Paso created the nation of Texas, with Houston serving as its capital. The founding towns included Rio Grande, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Arlen, and Latveria. Although Texas intended to join America as a state, the Americans saw this as a betrayal of the deal Guerra and Paso struck, and kicked them out of America, promising swift action against them. In a move to secure allies, the newly created Kingdom became a colony of Norway. The Kingdom of Norway (led by Former Rio Grande Emperor Bigshotwarrior) was in the alliance block known as the Regional Powers, which included Indochina and also America. This would buy Texas enough time to stabilize its region.

Although Texas was officially a colony of Norway, the Norwegian government had almost no de facto rule over Texas, and more or less left the colony to its own devices. Despite this, they both did aid each other in mutual growth.

Consolidating Texas

Despite the fact that the newly founded Texas did not have many towns at the beginning, new players slowly began to create towns in Texas. Over the next two months, the towns of Fort Worth, Laredo, Ramsburg, Kingsville, Fredericksville, Round Rock, and The Alamo would be formed independently of the Texas state, often joining other nations before joining Texas. The Texan government would often welcome these towns with offers of friendship and promises of co-prosperity, often with the central state funding these towns. Texas would also oversee the creations of the towns of Killeen, Forango, Fannin (later Jericho), Mansfield, and New Gatlinburg having. The town of Kansas City, in the same area as Latveria, would defect from the nation of Louisiana to join Texas midway through June 2022 as Louisiana turned into the USA.

The Development of the Government

With the number of mayors increasing, it was deemed by the monarchy that Texas needed a government beyond themselves. Thus, on June 1st, they officially proclaimed the creation of the Texan senate which hosted its meeting on June 7th (they also welcomed Turtleding from The Alamo and Ir0n from Round Rock despite not being in the nation yet). To capitalize further on the increasing momentum, they made Crux the Chancellor of Texas on June 19th. Two days later, the Texan people elected their first President, Marrowed, along with his Vice President, Bendy. That same day, the senate passed the creation of a new constitution for the nation of Texas which greatly increased the power of the monarchy, along with creating the executive branch of government.

The Fannin Crisis and Hostilities with the CSA

On June 30, 2022, the town of Fannin left the nation. This was the first time someone left Texas in dissatisfaction. The mayor, HeyNameless, wanted to make his town an industrial town due to its development, but was being sidelined for the underdeveloped Austin. He quickly returned, however, due to the toxicity of the CSA. This began the deterioration of relations between Texas and the CSA. This became worse when a few days later, the town of Fort Stockton was created in West Texas. Despite being placed there to "secure a foothold for the Confederacy", it has not grown since its founding.

The Growth of Texas and Independence from Norway and Peak

Towards the end of June, Texas signed non-aggression pacts with New Mexico and Cuba. On June 4th, the Kingdom of Texas officially declared a peaceful independence from Norway. Around this time, Texas also began to prioritize recruitment. By June 11, Houston had reached 100 citizens, and Texas was the 17th most populous nation, with a population of 180. At its height, it had a population of 250 and #9 on the n list. During this time, Texas managed to get the Sultanate of Arabia as a personal union, forming the Crown of Texas for several months.

The period was not all sunshine and rainbows however. A former Houston resident named Larry the Llama began to harass and kill citizens of Texas. In one particular event, he took some Houston citizen hostage in a house in the town. The situation was resolved after someone with fire resistance pots breached the house and extracted the hostage. Larry would go on to make the town of San which would continue to be in and out of Texas. Despite this, Larry continued to kill Texan citizens.

It was notable, also, that Marko, the former leader of America, returned to try and take Texas down by creating the town of Obamaville, which was sandwiched between Austin, San Antonio, San, Port Lavaca, and Linguini Lane.

The Low Kingdom Period, General Inactivity, and Reformation into the Republic of Texas

Following the peak of the nation, North Paso, having felt burn out, decided to take a month break from the game. He intrusted the running of the government to his President Turtleding and his Chancellor Crux. He felt that they could keep the nation running. Soon after, however, both Crux and Turtleding went inactive themselves, beginning the Low Kingdom Period where little happened. During this time, the towns of Jericho, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio. Mansfield, Ramsburg, Dallas and Forango. The towns of College Station and Rio Grande also lost their original mayors, but where saved by various means from falling. On top of this, both San and Obamaville also fell which got rid of the problems of the Texans.

It is notable that during this period, the territorial integrity of Texas was more or less respected by foreign powers.

North Paso, during this period, would attempt three comebacks. The first lasted two weeks in October. The only thing of note was the signing of the Treaty of Trondheim, which affirmed an alliance between the Mexican Empire and Texas, the joining of Oregon into the Crown of Texas, and the abolition of the Republican government.

Attempt two happened in December. The only thing of note during this period was the end of the Crown of Texas due to the destruction of Oregon, and the de-facto independence of Arabia.

Attempt three would happen in February. Paso would try and rebuild his spawn area into a trade area, but this would fail.

In March, 2023, Paso would return to EMC and with help from members of his nation, the Kingdom of Texas would end and be replaced by the Republic of Texas.


The Diarchy

Many of Texas's governmental features can be traced back to the Republic of the Rio Grande on the previous server. Rio Grande herself, changed its style of government throughout its history with the consistent elements being a mayoral senate, a chancellor, and a monarch. The Kingdom of Texas expands on this by adding a cabinet, and an executive branch separate from the monarchy. The idea is that eventually the republican elements of Texas can largely take over rule of the state while the monarchs fade from the picture. The monarchs, however, would step in should the republic begin to become unstable for Texas.

The Chancellor

The Chancellor is a position that largely mirrors its Rio Grande counterpart. The Chancellor is the head of the Senate. They are often in charge of organizing senate votes and senate meetings. They also are the chief advisor to the monarchs, and also act as heir to the throne of the nation. They are appointed by the monarch, and have no term limits (much like later day Rio Chancellors). They maybe deposed by the Kings alone (or by the senate should one monarch want him deposed).

The Executive Branch

The Executive Branch is a new branch of government headed by the President. It is elected by the Texan people every two months. Whoever wins the largest portion of the vote becomes President and the second place winner becomes Vice President. The President can appoint a cabinet which includes a Secretary of the Interior, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Infrastructure, Secretary of Recruitment, and Secretary of Resources.

The Executive Branch, as it currently exists, takes advice and occasionally orders from the Monarchy. The members of the executive branch often lead the execution of national projects. The various members of the executive branch can be impeached by the senate with a 2/3 majority. If the President is unable to carry out the duties of the role and or is impeached, then the Vice President becomes President, and the Secretary of the Interior becomes Vice President.

The Senate

The Senate of Texas is a legislative body comprised of mayors of Texas, along with active members deemed suitable to serve by the diarchy. They are responsible with carrying out budgeting of the nation, creation of laws, and declarations of war. The can propose bills which will pass with a simple majority. If bills are vetoed by the President, they are sent back to the senate, and if a 2/3 majority vote in favor of the bill, it becomes law. They may also amend the constitution with a 3/4 majority.

Notable Governmental People


North Paso (May 22, 2022 -)

JEGuerra (May 22, 2022 -October, 2022)


Crux (June 19 -)


Marrowed (June 21 -September 1st)

Turtleding (August 22nd-October 1st)

Vice Presidents:

MrBendy453 (June 21-October 1st)


Formerly, the Kingdom of Texas operated its military under the name the Texas Rangers. The Texas rangers while small were highly trained and equipped, though current financial difficulties may make them impotent in conflict. From August 22nd to October 1st, the secretary of defense wad Dolphins_Play of Latveria, who worked to try to reform them into a proper standing army. On August 31st, Texas saw the creation of its first naval ship, the TKS Missouri of Kansas City, a 1 chunk riverine ironclad designed and funded by Governor PaintedIndigo_. On the same day at an unknown time, a ship in Port Lavaca was militarized, making the first navy ship in Texas a draw.

States and towns

Texas, at its height, was composed of 6 states. Those states were groups of towns ruled by a governor and a state legislature, though most states currently only have a governor and a loose idea of a council of mayors. Those states were and contained the towns of:

  • Houston
    • Houston
    • Port_Arthur
  • Barrier Gulf
    • Port_Lavaca
    • Arlen
    • kingsville
    • Mansfield
    • Rio Grande
  • Bexar
    • San_Antonio
    • Austin
    • Round_Rock
    • College_Station
    • Jericho
    • Fort_Worth
    • Amarillo
    • New Gatlinburg
  • Pecos del Rio
    • Ramsburg
    • SanAgustĂ­nLaredo
    • Killeen
    • Forango
    • The_Alamo
  • Great Plains
    • Latveria
    • Kansas City
    • Perservere
  • Arabia
    • Jeddah
    • Al_Jadid

Notable People

North Paso