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This is the flag of Tuvalu. This was the flag of the real-life and in-game nation.

Tuvalu (too-VAH-loo) was a small island nation lying in the south Oceania region. It was located roughly 1,000 blocks/kilometers north of Fiji. Tuvalu’s capital was the town of Funafuti, the mayor of whom was DonnyMega. The nation was created after selling the first trident on Aurora to a rich Somalian, shiratakii, for 2,000 gold. DonnyMega’s ambitions for Funafuti were to recreate the real-life version to “showcase” what some say is the world’s least-visited country. Tuvalu’s other town was Tuvalu_Navy, the mayor of whom was Hydra0Gaming. The town was a warship. You can actually see the edge of the world from Tuvalu’s most eastern blocks.

DonnyMega's goal was cut short from the mods. Barbay1 helped a lot with Tuvalu being able to still recreate itself to some extent. DonnyMega achieved his goal of making the beaches on both sides and making the airstrip. He felt as if he had finished his goal. Shortly after, DonnyMega and his friends sold the nation, Tuvalu_Navy, and Funafuti.