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The City-State of Tyengorod
Tyengorod flag.png
The flag of Tyengorod. Pictured is the Thunder Mark enclosed inside an X, with an adapted SĹ‚oneczko surrounding it.
Town Information
Full Name Tyengorod (Officially the City-State of Tyengorod)
Area 8 chunks
Continent Asia
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor Jako077
Political System
Historical Information
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

"A thunderstorm was in our air; the nature that we became dark - for we had no way." - Friedrich Nietzsche

Tyengorod, officially the City-State of Tyengorod, is a city-state located on Karaginsky Island in Russia.

Founded by Jako077, the settlement is a bastion of the Tyenic faith, a cult with influences from Slavic Paganism.

The settlement was created 19 September 2023, although ground was broken on the island three days earlier.


On 14 September 2023, Jako077 joined EarthMC. After making a "pilgrimage" from Mongolia to Siberia, he decided to found a town in a remote place, he found Karaginsky Island and decided to create a settlement soon after.

Buildings / Landscape

The island is largely terraformed, this was done by hand, and took 3-4 days. There are no homes or permanent buildings in the town. There are still trees, and part of the island is not terraformed, this is because Jako077 wanted to build a Great Tyenic Church atop it.

Persons of Interest

  • Jako077 (Mayor)
  • Clinto714hi (Councillor)


The government of Tyengorod consists of an absolute ruler, (Jako077) and a Minister-of-State. (Clinto714hi) As there are not enough members, the government is as simple as can be.

Ideology / Political Affiliation

The ideology of Tyengorod is convoluted, due to the obscurity of the integration of a cult into the government, alongside with the generally unknown ideals and ambitions of Jako077.

Nonetheless, the ideology of Tyengorod is a mix between Pagan Theocracy, and Esoteric Totalitarianism, with many other components of far-right ideologies included.

The Tyenic Cult

While on the topic of ideology and government, it is important to highlight what "Tyen" really is.