Aurora:Veniba Station

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Veniba Station
Veniba Station Flag.png
The flag depicting the icy waters and rolling mountains surrounding the station, as well as an antenna and █████████.
Town Information
Full Name Veniba Weather Station
Motto "█████████"
Nation Unaligned, Isolationist
Population 1
Area 1 chunks
Continent North America
Region Ellesmere Island, Nunavut
Economic System
Official Language
Official Religion
Government Information
Mayor MisterTor
Political System
Historical Information
Established 10th of January, 2024
Past Nations
Past Mayors
Past Councillors

Veniba Station is a very remote weather station located on the North-Western side of Ellesmere Island. It is one of the Northernmost inhabited locations on Aurora. Being surrounded by the Arctic Ocean on one side, and row upon rows of valleys and rolling mountains on the other, a journey to its location is a tiring and nigh-pointless ordeal.

The landscape of Ellesmere Island is barren and nearly featureless aside from a few disparate abandoned settlements and ruined forts. As of writing, Naemberch (Nation of Iqaluit), is the only other inhabited town on the island.


The station's operator and sole inhabitant, MisterTor, established the station in order to set up instruments to track weather patterns, seismic activity, and other potential anomalous activity. This comes at no demand from any town or nation for this data. The station runs seemingly just out of curiosity. Some details of the facility have been encoded and redacted. Attempts to contact the station are often met with silence; its communication interface is likely disabled for privacy.

Few details about the station are public, but there are known plans to further develop the station to accommodate a small harbour and biofuel refinery, meant to service the occasional traveller sailing through the Arctic Passage.


  • Underground Habitation Quarters
  • Atmospheric Scanner (Planned)
  • Harbour (Planned)
  • Biofuel Refinery (Planned)
  • █████████████ ████████ ████████ (Planned)

Notable People

  • MisterTor