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Barrow is a Town in Alaskan Empire and was created on December 4th 2017 by SuperHappyBros after leaving Alania shortly after Independence as Caucasia.

Early History

In October SuperHappyBros joined the server and joined Alania. He soon had his dream to make his own town. He keep being a loyal citizen of Alania until Independence to Caucasia. He wanted to be in his Home Continet, but his homeland was already claimed by Amercia so he went to Alaska to make his own town. The town was named Barrow after the irl town and was placed where it was irl with in the northern most point of Alaska (a.k.a Point Barrow).


Beginning Era (Dec - Feb)

On December 3rd 2017 SuperHappyBros left Alania to set out to his own town. He went into the Arctic coast of Alaska an made the town Barrow on the Northern most point on December 4th. Barrow joined AlaskanEmpire on December 6th. Barrow was the fastest growing town on the Server around that time and by December 20th the Population was already over 25. It grew and grew, claiming Malta as an outpost along the way. Eventually it had over 40 people.

Regrowth Era (Feb-???)

After the elimination of inactive players in Febuary the town population shrank substantually. The population shrank to just 3, afterwards SuperHappyBros rebuilt some broken towns, and began rethinking Wether to keep Malta.