Battle of Mersa

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The Battle of Mersa was a minor battle between Yemen and a player called Tyce, other players joined later to both sides.

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The battle was more considered a skirmish/raid since Tyce only was exploring and decide to attack randomly some towns and found Mersa that have its mayor online, gorkymoo1119.



Tyce came to Mersa and with other random players to attack and at least get some free loot, Gorkymoo1119 decided to distracted them and activate pvp in some chunks in Mersa while he was talking to the Yemeni Emperor, Raining_Oranges about the situation and to decided something. Backup of SuperDoff and mrpoof_, Somali Foreign Affairs Minister, arrived. They managed to get Tyce to Aden after pretending to retreat there.


Quickly Mersa was evacuated to the battle and Tyce quickly with the group of people came to Aden, capital of Yemen, via teleporting, but Raining_Oranges called his mayor and allies to defend the city and active pvp, more like a skirmish, the battle last some dozens of minutes with Tyce leaving Yemen and normality came back as always, with the end result officially being a stalemate.