Battle of Neue Eisenstadt (Classic)

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This battle was a result of something that happen around a month ago when Neue Eisenstadt was founded. While the nation of Lantau (Greater India) was experiencing a civil war between Magenent and 4noah18 right after the Kerala War, Austria and Germany began colonization in the India/Burma area. Austria began colonization in Burma while Germany began in India. The biggest being Neue Eisenstadt but also towns like Jorhat, Sittwe and, Mexico. Germany and Austria didn't expect any major push back from Lantau because it was in a civil war, but little did they know that this would be the force to end the civil war.

Lantau had direct land claims on the area that was colonized since March of 2018, but they had land claims dating even further back when the nation was just called "India" which dates back to Febuary and January.

The day that Magenent found out he sent messages to paperpikman about the colonies in his land. After paperpikman didn't respond for a couple days he took it up with Neue Eisenstadt's leader jabesb2 and Austrian chancellor 74beetle. He asked them to either have the colonies disband or leave Austria/Germany. Both were refused because they thought that Lantau was still divided in a civil war.

A dozen minutes later Magenent and 4noah18 both on one side were at Neue Eisenstadt demanding that they leave Austria. The Austrians denied yet again and it escalated into more of a skirmish. There were 2 Lantaunians and around 6 Austrians however only half of them would fight. The battle ended after the 2nd death of 74beetle prior to the death of Freezo_. Later on in the day PyroJnr a German would be killed and 74beetle would die to the hands of Magenent.

The Battle

The Battle began on July 5th 2018 and was fought between 3 Indians and 7 Austrians. The first casualty of the battle was Tomad who rushed RiderTOP and Magenent and was cought underwater and killed. The next 2 casualties were Tomad again and Sikorskii who took off all their armour however they had their stuff on them and then Magenent crystalled both of them. The final confirmed kill was jonathan4581 who EdgarPlaysDerpy endercrystalled and RiderTOP and Magenent got some of his armour and Magenent got his sword "Anime Pillow". JADENJUMBO was also crystalled but Edgar died so no one was able to pick up his stuff. The Indians lost no men in god armour however the Austrians lost 5 men in god armour.