Battle of Petrozavodsk (Classic)

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On November 11, 2017. Spain, Commonwealth and the EU declared war on Cinder.


Allan_C invaded Petrozavodsk with Spain, and the EU. They started attacking because Perino took one of there people. Most of Cinder where in there houses and Perino was in a giant monstrosity made of wood and granite and dorite.

In The Middle

Perino started shooting out of a hole he dug in his giant fort." and started shooting flame arrows at hitting people. Cinder's army started come out the houses and hurting people and some Commonwealth, Spain and EU people alos started getting into the house.

The End

They started screaming in chat at Perino to let him go and he wouldn't listen they kept yelling and yelling and yelling until finally Emperor Zqppy pushed into the trap tower and forced Periano to combat log, this in turn let NSaurio log in and escape.