Battle of Town Name Here

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The Battle of Town Name Here was a fight between Nubia and the town of Town Name Here.



After much messaging to yuss456 from the Nubian leadership requesting they join Nubia, the Nubians were on their last straw. They were concerned that the town might join Ethiopia or make their own nation.

Last Attempt

Gorkymoo1119 used ice roads going to Massawa and stopped off along his way to go to Town Name Here, as yuss456 was being slow in responding to his messages. Once there, he placed some signs communicating the last message asking him to join the nation.

However, yuss456 kept on running off and not fighting, eventually making a clear refusal to join the nation. After this, gorkymoo1119 ran off and hid, getting ready to come back.

Planning Attack

Before heading over, gorkymoo1119 asked in nation chat "Is anyone free to help me fight a guy?". ArcaPlays, another Nubian Mayor and former resident of gorkymoo1119's town, Mersa, said he was willing to help.

ArcaPlays made his way over prior to gorkymoo1119, and waited west of the town. Gorkymoo1119 proceeded to arrive west of the town. As soon as they were ready, the two of them ran into the town, ready to attack.



Upon arrival, yuss456 was out of claims giving the Nubians the perfect time to strike. They managed to get yuss456 to around 2 hearts, just before yuss456 managed to get into claims and hide. Yuss456 quickly ran into a home there too, looking onwards to the members as well.

Home Camp

After noticing yuss456 continuing to hide in his home, gorkymoo1119 walked up to the door of the home, with ArcaPlays behind him. Yuss456 stayed at the door inside, trying to tempt them away. Eventually, gorkymoo1119 managed to get in. ArcaPlays continued to camp outside.

Inside the Home

Once inside the home, gorkymoo1119 looked at yuss456. Yuss456 attempted to go to the door to get out, but then saw ArcaPlays there. After considering his options, yuss456 got a bucket of lava, attempting to trap and kill gorkymoo1119. However, this failed, and yuss456 almost murdered himself instead.

A considerable mess was made of blocks, keeping gorkymoo1119 somewhat hard to get to for yuss456. After this, he escaped and went mining. Gorkymoo1119 managed to get outside the home too, greeting ArcaPlays once more.