Battle of the Isle of Man (Classic)

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The Battle of the Isle of Man was a battle of the Juny War which was fought beetween Seaterrica led by MLGJoel against Russia and Spain lead by Nicholas II and NSaurio I respectively.

The Battle

MLGJoel invaded the Isle of Man belonging to Great Britain and claimed it as an outpost. Coalition forces arrived not soon after led by Nicholas II of Russia. Joel started attacking from his claims with lava, constantly pvp toggling.

Around 10 minutes after the battle's start NSaurio I of Spain watching it's allies were fighting Seaterrica also came to aid. Joel continued to pvp toggle and attack from its claims. He also tried to use blazes against the coalition forces but for some reason the blazes didnt attack. There we no changes in the front until 5 minutes later.

Then NSaurio tped a moment away to get a lava bucket to give Joel his own medicine. When he tped back, Joel tried to attack him with his god sword but he was without armor. NSaurio placed lava and he died in a few seconds from the lava and Lucled's hits. NSaurio, Nicholas II and George Romanov got the items of Joel athough it's armor was missing. And so the coalition won the battle killing the Isle of Man's guarnition.