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Brendan1903 was a player who was famous for many reasons. He is famous as the mayor-founder of Kingston, Former Hoyenah of Canada, Moderator, Crown Prince of Valkyria, and all-around good guy.

Brendan requested to be banned, due to mental health and personal reasons, Fix and Him made an arrangement in which Kingston would be put on a world guard untill his return, despite some protest from neighbors of the city. In his Personal time in real life, Brendan has flourished, starting a work out regiment, landscaping his backyard, perfecting his Tea and Beer Recipes (More info below) and playing other Games such as : Cities Skylines, Fallout 4, and Europa Universalis 4. People have asked him to return, but overall he has declined. But the good and bad memories of him still and will forever live on.

Height : 6ft 2''

Weight : 151 lbs

Eye Colour : Light Blue

Hair Colour : Dirty Blonde or Light Brown

Wavy and very Curly Hair

IRL Nationality and Ethnicities :

US and Canadian Citizens (Dual Citizenship)

Scottish, German, Swedish (+ Various smaller groups such as English, Welsh, May be some French in there)


Opinions of Others

***Add your name here, and Brendan will write what he thinks of them***

Personal Net Worth : 155,000 Gold - 300,000 Gold, (no Debts added on and Debts and Assets added on)


Autobiography :

On July 6th 2017, Brendan1903 Joined EarthMC. Originally he was recruited by 100Otter to Join Seoul, not too long afterwards Brendan1903 left Seoul and founded the City of Kingston, one day becoming the Crown Jewl of Canada, Brendan1903 recieved a loan from Dayzle, the then Hoyenah of Canada, - The First Hoyenah, after sailing down the St Lawrence River with Dayzle, brendan1903 typed /t new Kingston, and the town was established. the first night was difficult, fending off monsters and hunger were a difficult pain for the new Settlement,