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British flag.png
Coat of Arms
British COA.png
NSE Claims.png
National Information
Full Name The United Kingdom of
Great Britain, Ireland, Norway and Denmark
National Anthem God Save The King
Name in Towny Great britain.png Britain
Motto Great britain.png Rule Britannia
Population PopulationSymbol.PNG 750
Chunks Land .png 10739
/n list page
Capital City London Coat of arms.png London
Largest City London Coat of arms.png London
Oldest City London Coat of arms.png London
Established Land .png 27 October 2018
Government Information
Leader MineHero43 (until purged)
Prime Minister
Political System Crown.png Constitutional Monarchy
Economic System Gold Icon.png Capitalism
Official Language Englishflag.jpg English
Official Religion None
Army Size BARMY.png Classified
Part of
Historical Information
Past Leaders 13 PMs (see list)
Past Capitals

Britain (also known colloquially as the United Kingdom or Great Britain) was the first and is currently the oldest nation on Terra Nova. It is based in the British Isles, being along the English Channel which is a region labeled as the 'cradle of civilization' of Terra Nova. It was established by MineHero43 on October 27th, 2018 after the founding of the Urbs Antiqua, London.

It was also founded and built with the remnants of the Japanese state on EarthMC classic, as many of its mayors and notable people were characters from the Japanese Empire. Britain was originally built along the foundations and ideology of Accordo and Accordoism (see The Accordo Manifesto). However, after the Accordo Crisis of 2022, the nation has since abandoned the ideology as the official religion in favor of pursuing a secularist state.

Government Structure

Prime Ministerial System

Britain is a Parliamentary Democracy & Constitutional Monarchy, a system of government that is enshrined within Britain's official Constitution, written by former King-Emperor MineHero43 and adopted on May 31st 2019. The first Monarch was MineHero43, who reigned from October 27th 2018 until his ban on February 18th 2022. He had been the server's longest serving nation leader. Since then, RoseBrugs was made the permanent Queen-Empress of Britain, and still holds the title. The Monarch is not popularly elected, but under the Prime Ministerial system of governance, the Prime Minister is elected once every two months by a national popular vote.

The British Parliament consists of all mayors in the British nation. Although they cannot directly propose laws, they do vote on laws proposed by the government. Additionally, if necessary, they are able to bring forward a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister, if they can garner enough support from other mayors. The Monarch has the power to veto the Parliament, however this can be overruled by a 2/3 majority.

When under the Prime Ministerial system, the Prime Minister heads the British government and appoints Ministers to help him/her run the nation. These individuals make up the Cabinet, who are tasked with proposing laws, coming up with government policies and assisting the Prime Minister with governing the nation. Ministers can be fired by the Prime Minister at any given moment.

The role of Advisor was also added, initially proposed by Duke Gabeee, as a lower-level position within the Cabinet. These individuals are also chosen by the PM and are there in a consulting capacity, with more privileges than Mayors (being able to propose votes), but less than Ministers, with the inability to speak in certain channels. It was envisioned as a way to slowly introduce trusted players into the upper echelons of the. British government.

Privy Council System

Under the Privy Council system of governance, which has occurred twice in British history and is the current system adopted since the Crisis began, the Monarch themselves appoint a selected number of "Lord-Ministers" to fulfill the duties of governance in the Council, as opposed to the Cabinet. These Ministers have no official Area of Responsibility or jurisdiction, but can vote on whether a new player ought to be added to the Council, as a Lord-Minister or as a "Royal Advisor." Royal Advisors remain under the same capacity as under the Prime Ministerial system. The British Constitution was changed accordingly to account for these changes.

See More: List of Prime Ministers of Britain




Britain is situated primarily off the northwestern coast of the European Mainland in the British Isles. Britain includes the island of Great Britain, the island of Ireland, the island of Jersey, the Faroe islands, Shetland islands and southern Norway. The vast majority of it's population lives within the British Isles.

Britain is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean with the North Sea between the island of Great Britain and it's holdings in Norway. The Irish sea separates the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. Towards the south lays the English Channel which separates it from France. Britain is however connected to the European Mainland via it's territory in southern Norway. Britain shares a border with the nations of Ireland, France and Sweden.


Britain consists of mainly flat greenland which allows for easy construction and development. This is especially the case for the islands of Great Britain and Ireland. While most original trees have been cleared out, some have been preserved in the form of national nature reserves such as the forests in Wales and Dublin. Scotland use to host some of the nation's largest mountains however the vast majority of them have been flattened. Britain does however hold a vast mountainous and snowy area in its Norwegian territory.


The National Ice Line

Envisioned by MineHero43 ever since the founding of Britain, the national ice line is an underground network of ice tunnels that connect the towns across the isles to one another. It is one of the most ambitious projects on the server and is constantly being upgraded and expanded. One simply places a boat on the ice and follows the map towards the location one wishes to head to. Stations are set up across the nation.

New York Line

Britain became the first nation to establish a secure trans-atlantic ice transportation system after a player by the name of BorderPatrolAgent dug a tunnel from New York to Britain and connected it to the ice line. One of the greatest achievements ever on the server, the ice line has furthered relations between New York and Britain and can be used to easily transport villagers or other mobs across the Atlantic ocean.


Early History

(October 26th 2018 - November 20th 2018)


The nation of Britain was founded by MineHero43 after he sailed from his spawn point in South Africa to the British Isles.

OblongMango, MineHero43, Angloist & Wither255

Britain was pre-planned before the release of Terra Nova by senior members of the classic Japanese Empire. MineHero43 would go on to establish the first and oldest town on the isles, London. Alongside London came Isle_Of_Wight, Cardiff and Dublin. After mining for nearly two days straight, MineHero43 had the gold to create a nation, Britain was founded on October 27th 2019 as the first nation on Terra Nova.

Early British Isles, 2018

Britain focused heavily on building its towns and establishing a secure presence on the British Isles. This lead to not only London becoming the first town to reach 100 claims but also London and Glasgow becoming the two largest towns on the server with over 200+ claims at one point. (Glasgow would later fall into ruin however London continued to prosper) Other towns such as Norwich, Dublin, York and Plymouth began growing in size as well. This saw the construction of famous landmarks such as Westminster Palace in London which at the time was one of the largest structures in Europe.

Although Britain maintained a neutral foreign policy towards other nations in mainland Europe, Britain would soon be dragged into its first conflict.

Norwegian Tensions

(November 28th 2018 - December 1st 2018)

The Faroe Dispute

In its core claims and territory, Britain included the Faroe islands which at the time had an Icelandic town on its northern part. Britain soon established its own town on the southern island, Torshavn. The presence of Torshavn angered Iceland and its ally Norway and a large scale battle soon ensued over the islands, although no side lost anything as keep inventory was enabled at the time. Nevertheless, the dispute and battle pitted both sides against each other for the upcoming weeks.

Norwegian Civil War

The war soon turned against Britain when Norway captured the town of Sussex as a new mayor had recently taken over there. With the threat of more Norwegian towns on the Isles, Britain soon negotiated a peace with Iceland and Norway which allowed for Norway to keep Sussex as a colony.

Less than a day after the peace was signed, Britain funded the mayor of Oslo, Magenent to create his own nation named Norge and start a Norwegian Civil war. Denmark under the leadership of alek_b would also join the conflict and assist Britain and Magenent in their new war against Norway.

British and Danish forces storm the Norwegian capital of Lundegrend

The war turned greatly in Britain's favor when the town of Sussex returned to Britain after MineHero43 negotiated with the Norwegian mayor to hand it over to a new British mayor. Norway would see a surge of inactivity and players leaving the server, including their leader twigking which allowed for Magenent to claim all of Norway under his new nation.

The war is generally considered a victory for the British-Danish alliance and Magenent's Norway.

Peaceful Prosperity

HMS Synargle at Norwich
Tesco at night

(December 1st 2018 - January 20th 2019)

Economic Growth

Once the situation with Norway was under control, Britain focused once again on continuing to grow its nation, this time its economy. Tesco was soon founded in London as the first store of its type on the server, making use of the new sign shop plugin. This saw a huge surge in Britain's popularity and economy which allowed for more British towns to grow at a rapid pace.

New Buildings

Buckingham Palace at London

Britain also saw the construction of more historic and iconic landmarks on its isles. Wither255 completed the first cathedral at Norwich alongside the first ship on the server, the HMS Light. Norwich would go on to become the hub for the vast majority of ships on the server with Wither255 constructing more ships, even for other nations such as Finland.

London saw further growth and the construction of iconic landmarks, such as the Arc de Lemon, SlyPrince theatre and Buckingham Palace beginning construction.

The Separatist Wars/British Civil War

(January 20th 2019 - July 8th 2019)

Scottish arrivals

British and Rebel held areas, January 2019

Britain would soon be interrupted by a number of new towns in Scotland created by people from places such as Africa and Siberia. This invasion lead by xSpifflesx and RuseOwl would seek to establish a Scottish nation, free from Britain. This would turn into a six month war between Britain and Scotland with thousands of gold being spent and the future of the British Isles at stake. This conflict would be known as the British Civil War/ Scottish War for Independence

Claim Warfare

With only very few major battles, the war soon turned into a war of claims between individual towns in Scotland and Britain. This saw Britain lose many of its claims to Scottish towns while Scotland would see entire towns fall into ruin, even losing their entire nation at one point. Many players would come and go with even RuseOwl leaving to Canada as the war continued and later on Shanka, the mayor of Glasgow would form his own nation United Kingdom. Nevertheless, both sides continued for a total of six months.

Irish Rebellion

While Britain's attention was focused on Scotland, the town of Cork soon rebelled from Britain and with help from Wabanaki, formed the nation of Ireland. Although Dublin remained the largest town on the island, Britain declared war on Ireland as it began to undermine the stability on the island. Ireland would go on to ally itself with Scotland and form the Celtic Union.

British and Rebel held areas, June 2019

Conman's England

During the Scottish War, Scotland had helped a player known as "CallMeKingJames" take over the town of Sheffield and establish the nation of England. Britain fiercely opposed the nation and declared war on it as it seeked to undermine the stability of southern Britain. Nevertheless, England did not last long as shortly after a month of its existence, pressure from Britain caused CallMeKingJames to hand over Sheffield to YellowVictini of Byzantium who then sold the town back to Britain while taking the nation of England with him to the middle east.

The new mayor of Sheffield, Warriorrr would begin a huge cleanup project of the town, calling on all players to destroy the old slums built by CallMeKingJames and replacing them with new roads and a fresh town hall.

Peace and Reconciliation

After six months of warfare, Scottish and British leaders sought a diplomatic solution and re-opened negotiations in late June (previous negotiations had failed). After about a week of discussion, both sides reached a mutually benefiting agreement with the following terms:

Map of Britain after Peace agreement
  • All Scottish towns join Britain
  • Scottish nation is moved off the Isles
  • Scotland becomes an autonomous region
  • Scotland keeps its discord
  • Scotland keeps its /n spawn
  • United_Kingdom is sold off
  • Glasgow rejoins Britain
  • New Elections will be held

New Elections

With the isles now at peace, Britain held its first Prime Ministerial elections as a truly unified nation. Angloist had served as Prime Minister during the separatist wars however he indicated that he would not be running again and resigned. This led to AddoM19 serving as Prime Minister for a week from July 1st - July 8th as the elections ensued. On July 8th 2019, the elections concluded and FutureLemon was elected as the new British Prime Minister. The election of FutureLemon as the new Prime Minister of the unified British nation marked an official end to the War and the beginning of Britain's series of Prime Ministers.

Prime Minister FutureLemon

(July 8th 2019 - November 3rd 2019)

1jmt's England

Months after CallMeKingJames' England was dissolved, 1jmt, the old mayor of Sussex during the Noridic wars returned and established the town of Cornwall. By tricking the mayor of Plymouth he was able to gain a small 40 chunk foothold off the coast of Plymouth and after various name changes, he settled with England.

This however did not last long as mounting British and foreign pressure forced him to disband both Cornwall and England, leaving the area to be reclaimed by the mayor of Plymouth.

Irish Civil War

When the war with Scotland concluded, Ireland was allowed to remain an independent nation and gain all towns on the island of Ireland, including Dublin. However, Government instability, and a phase of inactivity prompted the mayor of Dublin, Angloist to secede from the nation of Ireland and form his own nation, Eire.

Britain remained neutral as the Irish civil war ensued, however Ireland declared war on Britain as it believed Britain supported the rebellion. The leader of Ireland, Aerfort, held many of the Irish towns with alts and after they were banned or went inactive, these towns were taken over by Eire.

FutureLemon later held an official vote to merge the nation of Eire with Britain, this was passed with overwhelming support and re-cemented Britain's position on Ireland. Aerfort's Ireland had now been reduced to nothing more than the town of Waterford, south of Dublin.

Bob's Scotland

In early October 2019, a former New York resident by the name of BobDenim decided to form a new town on the island of Shetland. Shortly after this, he created a new nation named Scotland. Seeing a new rebellion forming, FutureLemon decided to trick BobDenim by pretending to rebel from Britain and join his nation. Lemon managed to convince Bob to hand over the nation to him. The nation was transferred on October 8th and Bob went back to New York after these events.

The Regional Powers Alliance

On the 15th September 2019 after negotiations with the nations of Qin, Yue & Norway, it was agreed that Britain would join them in forming a new alliance known as the "Regional Powers". This alliance was mainly based around pvp and mutual assistance in conflicts involving pvp and battles. Britain did however emphasize that in order to officially join any conflicts involving this new alliance, a vote in the British Parliament would first need to be held. Nevertheless, the Regional Powers made up an immensely powerful group of players, consisting of some of the best pvpers on the server.

Prime Minister Warriorrr

(November 3rd 2019 - March 1st 2020)

Expansion into Norway

In November 2019 the Norwegian King Alexandre requested that his nation be merged into Britain's. This was approved by Prime Minister Warriorrr and later recieved overwhelming support in the British Parliament. The merging of the nation Norway and its towns into Britain marked the beginning of Britain's expansion into southern Norway. Britain also formed new towns such as Oslo and Kristiansand which began growing at a rapid pace. The expansion into Norway would prove to be a huge success with Britain eventually including Norway as part of it's core claimed territories.

Highlands rebellion

In early January 2020, the towns of Inverness and Stirling decided to rebel from Britain and form their own nation in northern Scotland named Highlands. This led to a lot of controversy as it was believed that the GRE had funded their nation. Britain would declare war on the GRE because of this, however this was very short lived as it turned out that the Romans had not funded the Highlands and a peace deal was quickly reached.

The rebellion has stagnated as both Inverness and Stirling have gone extremely inactive, reduced to only logging on every now and then to vote.

Kalmar Border Agreement

In February 2020 Britain signed a border agreement with the Kalmar Union to officially recognize each other's Scandinavian claims. This was due to Britain's recent expansion into Norway, an area where Kalmar had previously claimed. However as per the new agreement, The Kalmar Union would recognize all of southern Norway as part of the British nation. The deal meant that there would be no war or disputes over Norway between the Kalmar Union & Britain. It also allowed for Britain to peacefully continue it's expansion in Norway while the Kalmar Union could keep it's lands in Sweden and other parts of Scandinavia without fearing British interference.

Coalition of Europe

As part of the peace deal between the GRE and Britain, it was decided to form a Coalition of Europe which would serve as an alliance between Britain, Spain, France & SPQR to unify behind the common cause of combating rebel nations in their respective territories. All member nations agreed to declare war on each other's respective rebel nations. The purpose of the coalition is to preserve the territorial integrity of Europe's major nations and foster in more co operation between the member nations.

Prime Minister Angloist

(March 1st 2020 - May 3rd 2020)

New Ireland

On March 18th 2020, the town of Waterford and the nation of Ireland fell into ruin. This marked the end of Aerfort's attempt at creating an independent Ireland. Angloist quickly moved to claim over Waterford and incorporate it's lands into Britain. However shortly after Britain annexed Waterford, UghBraces decided to form a new Irish nation in the south west corner of the island. This nation would later be given to IamGawain and his town Ossory. Both sides engaged in claim warfare and fought for control over the remaining parts of the island. Britain managed to secure the vast majority of the Island while IamGawain's Irish rebellion was able to hold onto a portion of south-western corner of the Island.

Expansion into Denmark

On April 26th 2020, Angloist announced that Britain would begin officially expanding into Denmark. This was announced following a border agreement between Germany and Britain, leaving Britain with all Danish lands north of Schleswig-Holstein while Germany retained control of it's lands southwards. Britain however had already planted numerous towns in Denmark beforehand in an effort to curb the expansion of the Highlands in the region.

Prime Minister Seranil

(May 3rd 2020 - June 28th 2020)

Glasgow Rebels

After returning from Somalia, the mayor of Glasgow, Shanka decided he would like to sell the town for a significant amount of gold. Britain initially offered to purchase it from him however eventually nothing came of this as the offer was withdrawn and Shanka decided to have Glasgow leave Britain and on May 21st he formed a rebel nation known as UK (United_Kingdom). This would mark the second formation of the rebel "UK" nation and secession of Glasgow from Britain, the first having occurred during the Separatist Wars in 2019.

Tensions with Germany

Although a border agreement with Germany regarding Danish claims was signed under Angloist's Premiership, tensions soon began to rise as certain towns began switching sides and expressing their loyalty to Germany despite being on the British side of the border. This led to Britain taking the German town of Hamburg and placing Casperistrash as it's new mayor. Tensions eventually boiled over into a huge battle at Bern on May 23rd between German and British pvpers. The battle ended in a British victory although it did not change the immediate situation in Denmark and Hamburg. Britain attempted to purchase some more towns in Denmark on it's side of the previously agreed border however nothing would come of these attempts.

Colonization of India

On the 12th of May 2020, Seranil managed to acquire the nation of India for 200g. India was officially incorporated as a colony of Britain and plans were made to expand the nation further into the subcontinent. __Tomm would be made Governor-General of British India however colonizing the area proved to be challenging and difficult, mainly due to the resources and time which needed to be invested into it while Britain was instead focusing on European affairs. Tom eventually grew bored and wanted to move back to his original town, Oslo. Britain decided that it would be best to sell the nation of India to Sri Lanka, who's size and presence in the area was growing anyway. India was officially sold for 700 Gold on the 28th June, marking an end to the attempted British colonization of the area.

Prime Minister FBI_Bro

(June 28th 2020 - August 30th 2020)

Denmark Negotiations

Tensions had been mounting between Britain and Germany over the situation in Denmark, especially after the town of Hamburg was acquired by Britain. Negotiations were held with Germany in order to de escalate the situation with the British requesting mayorship of German towns in Denmark while Germany requested the return of Hamburg. An eventual border agreement was agreed upon and proposed by FBI_Bro to the British Parliament. This agreement would grant Britain Hamburg however limit further expansion in Jutland, however this was rejected by Parliament. The negotiations mostly stalled thereafter and the situation remained unresolved.

Relative Stability

During FBI_Bro's Premiership, Britain experienced a time of relative peace and stability. This meant that with perhaps the exception of some tensions with Germany over Danish territory, Britain did not engage in any disputes or wars with other nations. British towns mainly focused on expanding, recruiting more members and building new structures. No major Foreign policy decisions were taken as Britain focused mainly on itself. Domestically, Britain did not experience any immediate drastic changes either, culminating in a period of stability and peace.

Prime Minister Unbated

(August 30th 2020 - November 1st 2020)

Peace between Germany and Britain

Almost instantly after being elected Prime Minister, Unbated began talks with Germany about ending the cold-warfare that had gone on between the two nations for months. Originally, there was to be an alliance, but the vote did not pass in the British Cabinet, so it was annulled. Talks froze for about a week and a half, when Unbated began them again. This time, the talks bore fruit, and a peace treaty between the two nations was signed, ending the cold warfare.

Peace between Russia and the GRE

Over months the nations of Russia and Tzarist_Russia had been building tensions. Eventually, it resulted in war between the nation of Russia and the GRE Province of Tzarist_Russia. After only about a day, however, Unbated realized that one of the nations in the alliance that made up Russia was also a protectorate of Britain, that nation being Severny. He stepped in and began talks between the two warring nations. After only about 2 hours, the two nations signed a peace treaty, ending the war. It was named the Treaty of London, because in a Tzarist Russian national official's words "There would be no peace without Britain". This did result in the Prime Minister of Russia stepping down, however.

Hamburg & Germany

On September 28th, the mayor of the town of Hamburg, taken from Germany multiple months prior, expressed interest in selling it. Talks began and on September 30th it was sold to Heinikin34 for 2000 gold with the mod CorruptedGreed acting as a middle man. With Hamburg now back in German hands, relations between Britain and Germany greatly improved.

Commonwealth Hyper-expansion

Throughout his time as the Prime Minister, multiple large and great nations and their territories joined the British Commonwealth as Protectorates. These nations being Salish, Severny, Illinois, and Bei Qi


What is called Brexit by many, even the news, was actually just the fulfillment of a months long desire of the British people to leave the Coalition of Europe, an alliance founded in January that year that the Brits saw as useless and annoying. A vote was submitted to Parliament by Unbated which sought to have Britain leave the alliance. The vote was vetoed at first however passed after being re-submitted, resulting in Britain's departure from the Coalition of Europe on the 27th of September 2020. This was much to the dismay of nations like the Greater Roman Empire and France, however.

War with Pakistan

The disbanding of the town of Waterford was very public. Multiple people from the nation of Pakistan flocked to make towns in the emtpy areas, claiming they had revived Ireland and would overthrow Britain. This, however, would not work out as two of the orchestrators were permanently banned and one of the mayors of a new Irish town was banned for being an alt. Pakistan would declare war on Britain, but just one day later un-enemy them

War against Terra_Mariana

On the 28th October 2020, Britain declared war on the nation of Terra_Mariana. This was because it was discovered that they had been part of a secret alliance with the "UK" rebels known as the 'Northern Five'. They had been assisting them and were planning on funding another rebel nation in British Norway. Sweden was also a part of this alliance however they left shortly before the British declaration of war because their leadership moved to Malaysia. Almost immediately after Britain declared war, Terra Mariana announced that it would be leaving the Northern Five and abandoning its support for the UK rebels. Negotiations on a peace agreement were opened however they stalled due to inactivity from Terra_Mariana. Despite no official peace deal, the war is considered a British victory due to the dissolution of the Northern Five alliance.

Prime Minister FBI_Bro

(November 1st 2020 - January 3rd 2021)

Ice-line Improvements and Expansion

As soon as FBI_Bro came into office, plans to improve ice-lines and connect the Britain and Norway system began. A new map was created and old lines were maintained. The improvements and repairs slowed down as FBI_Bro's term progressed.

Expansion into France

Many French rebels led by Thanamos and Greggg joined Britain during the Franco-German War. At one point Britain almost controlled a quarter of the french territory. However after Greggg tried to scam the mayor of Glasgow with an alt, relations between FBI_Bro and the French rebels fell apart and the french rebel towns slowly returned back to France.

Franche-Comté Negotiations

During the Franco-German War, Britain had taken control of the French town Franche-Comté which was located within Germany's claims. Britain was allowed to keep the town for the duration of the War, however it was agreed that negotiations over the town's future would be held once the war had concluded. The War eventually did end when France and Germany signed a peace deal and agreed on new borders on the 29th November 2020. Germany requested that the town of Franche-Comté become a part of it's nation, however the mayor kipiscute was reluctant and wanted to remain British. An eventual compromise was reached, Germany would get the town Franche-Comté while kipiscute would be granted mayorship of the former German town 'Leeuwarden' (located in the Netherlands) and join Britain with it.

Zaragoza Negotiations


The Fall of Rebel Nation UK


Treaty of Copenhagen

Britain had maintained a strong and stable position in Norway for quite some time by now, however the situation in the rest of Scandinavia was quite different. Denmark, a close ally of Britain was feuding with Sweden over land and claims. Sweden approached Britain and asked them to help mediate a border agreement and peace deal between Denmark and Sweden. After much negotiations, Britain, Denmark and Sweden all agreed to sign the Treaty of Copenhagen. It was announced on December 24th 2020. This treaty meant that Denmark and Sweden would officially recognize Britain's borders in Norway and at the same time a border would be agreed on between Sweden and Denmark. Overall, the treaty was designed to stabilize Scandinavia and promote civil relations between Denmark and Sweden.

Prime Minister Tomm (WIP)

(January 3rd 2021 - February 28th 2021)

Claim dispute with Denmark


Scandinavian Expansion

By now Britain had a presence in Scandinavia for over a year, specifically in southern Norway. This however changed as towns in Denmark expressed their willingness to join Britain, this was followed by the nation of Sweden. This led to a wave of expansion in Scandinavia with many new towns and players joining the British community. Britain now had a presence in Norway, Denmark and Southern Sweden.

War against USA


Prime Minister RoseBrugs (WIP)

(February 28th 2021 - May 2nd 2021)

Fall of Glasgow

The town Glasgow had rebelled from Britain nearly a year ago, leaving to form their own nation known as "UK". On March 2nd, the town of Glasgow fell which meant the rebellion came to an end, however due to the vast land which was now available numerous new towns had to be planted and funded to reclaim the area within Scotland. This led to a very fast paced land rush however ultimately Britain was able to reclaim the vast majority of the former town and recreate Glasgow as a British town.

Denmark Joins

Although several towns in Denmark had already joined Britain by now, the capital Copenhagen had however not done so yet. This changed when alek_b gave the Danish nation to a friend and had Copenhagen join Britain. This marked the official complete unification of Denmark and Britain.

Prime Minister FBI_Bro (WIP)

(May 2nd 2021 - June 5th 2021)

North Sea Empire Proclamation

With the British Isles, Norway, Denmark and Southern Sweden now all within the nation, Britain's territory now spanned the vast majority of the North Sea and it was decided to realize this achievement through the establishment of the North Sea Empire. This proclamation was followed by a coronation where MineHero43 was crowned as the North Sea Emperor.

The End of Prime Ministers

After several complaints were lodged against Prime Minister FBI_Bro, and several Prime Ministers in general, for inactivity, the Cabinet decided to hold a vote to see if the Constitution ought to be restructured to eliminate the role of Prime Minister. As the vote was passed, FutureLemon helped draft a new system for governance, wherein the King-Emperor would choose a limited number of "Lord-Ministers" to fulfill governmental obligations with no specific area of responsibility. Lower-level Royal Advisors were also brought in to consult on matters of policy, picked by the King-Emperor as well. Thus ended the long era of Prime Ministerial leadership in Britain, ushering in a new period for the British government.

Privy Council Government (WIP)

(May 2nd 2021 - January 12th 2022)

Scania Joins

Scania was a long standing nation in Southern Sweden which refused to join either Denmark (when it existed), Sweden or Britain. After a long while, the owner of the nation quit the server and sold it to Britain. Eventually, the former towns of Scania were merged into Copenhagen and Aarhus.

Irish Reunification

The nation of Ireland, owned by IAmGawain, fell after many many months of standing inactive in southern Ireland. Despite efforts from groups of people trying to claim it, Dublin managed to claim it fully, which put all of Ireland under British control once again after a long time.

Fall of Norge

Norge was a rebel nation operated by HGKNetwork in central Norway. HGKNetwork claimed that he would "liberate" all of Norway from Britain. For a long time, he was subjected to raids from British players, especially in the colony set up in Svalbard. After that colony was disbanded, and the mayor of that colony left and joined Britain, he was all alone. MapleVK, decided to try and inside the nation. He first joined his nation with his town, Kongsmark, and eventually joined their Discord server as well. After helping them with the nation and town and gaining their trust, he managed to convince HGKNetwork (with the help of a friend) that he could get Oslo for free, and while doing so, that he should let MapleVK hold his town. HGKNetwork left his town to Maple, and while trying to get Oslo, Maple kicked everyone from the town and disbanded the nation. He then joined Britain with the town and gave it someone as he went back to his town.

Reinstation of Elections

After much staleness in the government of Britain, many high ranking members of Britain began to advocate for the return of elections. They felt that a static government made everyone bored, but reinstating elections would bring activity to the nation. Despite a close vote, those in favour of elections won, and the next PM election was to occur soon.

Prime Minister Gabeee (WIP)

(January 17th 2022 - February 18th 2022)

British Purchase of France

The leader of France, MegaliMan, had recently become very unpopular in France and Europe as a whole. He had caused a large civil war in France in which native French speakers made their own nation (Francia), taking most of his land with them. The rest of Europe did not like him as he was infringing on their territory. MegaliMan had begun talking with the British government in hopes of finding a price to sell his nation for. After a few weeks, they agreed on one and the nation was sold to Britain. The nation was then given to Warrior.

The Accordo Crisis/English Civil War of 2022 and the Decline of Britain

(February 18th 2022 - 12th March 2022)

On Friday, 18 February 2022, the history of Britain changed forever as its leaders experienced a fallout amongst themselves following London's purchase of France. It was revealed to Warrior, who was leader of Paris and France, by MineHero43 that the French leader who has sold Britain the nation of France, MegaliMan, was in fact an alt of former British leader SlyPrince. Additionally, it came out that British Prince Angloist was also a SlyPrince alt. Warriorrr subsequently chose to give Paris and the French nation away to Thanamos and Francia (causing a French reunification), revealing to the EMC staff all the information he knew regarding the British alts. Nobody apart from the top echelons of the British hierarchy (MineHero, Anglo/Sly, Wither255, FutureLemon) knew of this scheme to control Europe via multiple accounts, and that included the longtime Prince of Sussex, Warriorrr. With that, nearly the entire Royal Family were banned (including MineHero, Angloist, and later Wither255) for connections to alternate accounts and reports of doxxing. Much mudslinging and accusations ensued between the banned players and known antagonists of Britain, adding onto the chaos.

After an inventory and timeline was created determining which towns were in danger and when certain towns would fall due to banned mayors, the remaining high-ranking members of Britain, composed of mostly Dukes and Lord-Ministers, decided upon who would be their next leader. After a small vote, RoseBrugs was selected to be the Queen of Britain until at least the immediate crisis was settled; UnbatedAura became the acting head of the new Accordo Continuity Commission (ACC). During that time, a new Britain nation discord was created as the old server had been opened up to the public by SlyPrince, and had become a large open forum. The role of Prime Minister was also abandoned for the time being, harkening back to the era of the Pricy Council government.

After a few days, it was decided that Rose would remain Queen-Empress of Britain permanently, while Unbated would remain the indefinite leader of the ACC. As he wrote in a press statement, "This is a thought out move that was taken to avoid any more cabals forming in upper levels of Accordo and Britain and to avoid the inherent risk of having one person lead both" (UnbatedAura, 22 Feb 2022).

After the fall of Norfolk, Spain and Austria shared the land between them which became an aggressive front between the Europa Pact and the British. This devastated morale and put the Rose administration under more scrutiny. Ulster also came under French control, and a new Scottish administration was created by some French nobles.

12th of March 2022:

British Borders in March 2022

Finally, Rose declared welsh independence away from Britain and the Accordo with a new towny nation. Shortly after that, Denmark -under MapleVK and Seranil- declared independence away from Britain as towns in Scotland and Scandinavia flocked to either nation. Quebec left the commonwealth to join the front for Britain again the NSE and Wales, and the conflict escalated.

British Civil War and Release of Terra Aurora:

After Wales and Denmark were formed, the nations of Scotland and Ireland were also founded by Taffy and Jooey83 respectively. Denmark began to set its sights on Norway, and got towns like Kristiansand, Bergen, Trondelag and Kristiansund to join them. Wales began to form new towns in the area and even set up a colony near Trondelag to combat Denmarks expansion. Denmark also began to expand into Swedish territory and core Welsh territory through towns such as Liverpool. Denmark also began expanding into the Faroe Islands and Shetlands (Connery). The large city of Sussex, just below London, also joined Denmark. Around this time, the tensions between Denmark and Wales rose, and even resulted in some combat. Both nations had enemied one another and at this point, Ireland and Scotland had been either sold or disbanded. The private government chats of Wales had also been leaked, which included all their plans. Just before things could escalate any higher, Terra Aurora was announced, which resulted in almost everyone going inactive. Norway never was consolidated by one nation, and no one nation can be named a victor of the civil war. However, Wales did not manage to get all of old British Territory as they had hoped, and Denmark got most land that they wished to get.

British Architecture

Architectural Wonders

List of Towns

Coat of Arms Name Province Mayor Population Size Founded
London Coat of arms.png London Star.png England.png England MineHero43 100 976 2018 10/26
Sussex COA.png Sussex England.png England Unbated 2 620 2018 10/28
Norfolk COA.png Norfolk England.png England NPC10 1 361 2018 11/04
Yorkshire COA.png Yorkshire England.png England FBI_Bro 58 484 2019 04/16
EMC Trading COA.png EMC Trading England.png England awsomeman169 1 94 2019 04/01
Wales COA.png Wales Wales flag.png Wales RoseBrugs 57 673 2018 10/28
Edinburgh COA.png Edinburgh 2000px-Flag of Scotland.svg.png Scotland AddoM19 1 196 2018 11/01
Glasgow COA.png Glasgow 2000px-Flag of Scotland.svg.png Scotland Pesetz 62 503 2021 03/02
Aberdeen COA.png Aberdeen 2000px-Flag of Scotland.svg.png Scotland kipiscute 1 90 2019 01/25
Stornoway COA.png Stornoway 2000px-Flag of Scotland.svg.png Scotland Tafffy 1 115 2019 01/31
Shetland COA.png Connery 2000px-Flag of Scotland.svg.png Scotland CrazyMarCraft 3 51 2020 07/28
Ulster COA 2.png Ulster Ireland2.png Ireland Lord Riley 1 395 2018 12/22
Dublin COA.png Dublin Ireland2.png Ireland AngloistVK 69 614 2018 10/28
Connacht COA.png Connaught Ireland2.png Ireland Jooey83 1 172 2019 03/24
Killarney COA.png King Crimson Ireland2.png Ireland Captain_Stein 2 156 2019 02/22
Kristiansand COA.png Kristiansand 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Sirromz 1 220 2019 08/04
Oslo COA.png Oslo 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Saayuuki 7 829 2020 02/02
Bergen COA.png Bergen 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway man_not_bot 3 339 2018 11/17
Militia COA.png Rogaland 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Flotix_ 1 91 2019 04/13
Byglands COA.png Byglands 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway SirPooFart99 1 244 2019 09/28
Leikanger 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway ShadyMan313 1 85 2019 07/15
Kristiansund 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Alferner 1 0 0
Vidalen 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Kaspi99 1 0 0
Trøndelag 2000px-Flag of Norway.svg.png Norway Asyld__ 1 0 0
Slesvig COA.png Denmark Denmark.png Denmark MapleVK 83 509 2020 03/25
Aarhus COA.png Scandinavia Denmark.png Denmark Boosterr_b 23 463 2020 10/28
Danish Holstein.png Tyskland Denmark.png Denmark ohMerxy 1 81 2020 10/28
Odense CoA.png Odense Denmark.png Denmark Slickss 1 111 2021 2/10
Copenhagen Coat of arms.png Copenhagen Denmark.png Denmark alek_b 40 357 2018 10/06
Blekinge vapen.png Blekinge Denmark.png Denmark __Charlie565 1 99 2020 10/09
Bornholm coat of arms.png Bornholm Denmark.png Denmark Gabson 1 56 2019 02/06
KalmarBanner.png Kalmar Sweden flag.png Sweden LegoVK 72 226 2020 02/05
Trollhattan Sweden flag.png Sweden Sexes 1 0 0
Hamburg COA.png Hamburg Germanyflagyo.png Germany Seranil 1 419 2019 05/20

Notable People

Notable People whose actions and contributions to Britain have had a lasting impact on the nation and its history:

  • MineHero43 - Founder and Former King-Emperor of Britain
  • RoseBrugs - Queen-Empress of Britain and Former Prime Minister
  • UnbatedAura - Prince of Sussex, Mayor of Sussex, Leader of Accordo Continuity Commission, Former Prime Minister of Britain
  • FutureLemon - Former Prince of Wales, Former Prime Minister and funder of many towns
  • Angloist - Former PM, Founder of Dublin, led Britain through the Separatist Wars
  • Warriorrr - Former Prince of Britain
  • Wither255 - Former Prince Admiral, Former Royal Naval ship designer
  • Pesetz - Former Prince of Glasgow
  • Tomm - Prince of Norway, Former Prime Minister, expanded British interests in Scandinavia
  • FBI_Bro - Prince of Yorkshire, Thrice Prime Minister, and final First Minister of Scotland
  • Seranil - Duke of Hamburg, Mayor of Hamburg, Former Prime Minister
  • MapleVK - Duke of Kongsmark, Mayor of Kongsmark, critical for fall of rebel nation Norge
  • Gabeee - Duke of Stockholm, Mayor of Stockholm, Swedish Leader
  • DizzyDesert - Lord-Minister, furthered Anglo-Norwegian interests
  • CrazyMarCraft - Lord-Minister, Mayor of Connery
  • Sirromz - Advisor in the Privy Council, First British Mayor in Norway
  • Scorpionzzx - Founder of the Canadian Empire, increased Commonwealth influence in North America
  • AddoM19 - First Scottish mayor
  • Alexandre_ - Former King of Norway, allowed Britain to annex the nation of Norway
  • alek_b -
  • LegoVK -