Bulgarian ranks

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National ranks:

Tsar - Emperor. Leader of the nation.

Kavhan - Second in command. Helper of the Tsar and primary diplomat. (It is equal to the title Assistant in towny)

Ichirgoboil - A boil(noble) set in power to represent the other boils. (Equal to the title Helper in towny)

Kopan - General of the army.

Tshelnik - Military and defense strategist.

Urbarar - Gold keeper, man charged with gold collection and excavation.

Boil - A noble. In charge of some sort of settlement, town or city. Boils come in different ranks.(You can see them below)

Chigot - Soldier, champion of Bulgaria.

Podanik - Citizen of the empire.

Towny ranks :

Boil - Ruler of the town or settlement. Has complete control but has to answer to the Tsar and his helpers. There are different ranks of Boils.(You can see them below)

Vatah - Primary helper of the Boil. Has the most power after him.(Equal to the title Senator for a town)

Varnich - Helper of the boil with the power to invite new members and give plots.(Equal to the title Helper in towny)

Zodchii - The town Builder with the permission to build anywhere.(Equal to the title Builder in towny)

Boil ranks:

1 | Settlement | Bagatur

2 | Hamlet | Vatah

6 | Village | Nish(Small) Voivoda

10 | Town | Voivoda

14 | Large Town | Veliki(Great) Voivoda

20 | City | Bagain

24 | Large City | Bat

30 | Metropolis | Komit