CCCP-Staff war (Classic)

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After the staff and owner supported the force unclaiming of a Abkhazian historic sight as well as not even notifying Abkhazia that the sight was being unclaimed, the CCCP declared war on the EU for taking over the historic sight and the nation of Valkyria for being a nation run by staff. Staff told runnerboy that he would be compensated for the odd unclaiming of castle geneva with 160 gold (the cost of the land) fix later went back on the offer after force unclaiming lisbon.

Then Fix told runnerboy he was going to unclaim lisbon, runnerboy responded by moving abkhazia's homeblock to lisbon to prevent the unclaiming, however when runnerboy moved the town spawn back to Petrograd for a bit, Fix hoped on and unclaimed lisbon while it was full of valuables. Runnerboy argued that it was staff abuse and got the response of karl randmoly closing the ticket and saying to stop bothering fix. Runnerboy proceeded to tear down Lisbon with the help of the CCCP.

The conflict calmed down when Fix finally gave runnerboy the 160 gold compensation for the force unclaiming of geneva