Canadian-Spanish War (Classic)

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Disclaimer (This was not an actual war it was just a disagreement between Spain and Canada which escalated with battles)


Spain breaks the Carribean Treaty with Canada by claiming Canadian islands.

Canada retaliates with claiming in the Iberian Peninsula.

Spain then attacks Canadian towns.

The War

Jamaican Problems

Spain and Canada had a treaty that Spain would get Cuba and Puerto Rico and Canada would get Jamaica and Hispaniola. After the towns in Jamaica & Hispaniola fell Spain and outposted them breaking the agreement that both parties agreed to. Canada attempted over and over to negotiate with the NSaurio regime at the time but all attempts had failed.


The Battle of Bellingham-Vancouver

After the town Bellingham fell Canada(Yorktown) claimed it. A Spaniard named NeophyteNemesis started burning the trees outside of the claims. LoganCreeper50 (Yorktown's mayor) started repeatedly hitting NeophyteNemesis until NeophyteNemesis tp'ed a Spaniard named TitoRaspus came to Bellingham. NeophyteNemesis started to grief the outside of Bellingham and he was warned for that after that NeophyteNemesis fled the scene and left the game. TitoRaspus was still there and kept PvPing LoganCreeper50. LoganCreeper50 called for 2 more Canadians they were; xRaisoren and Magrihu. They pushed TitoRaspus back to the town of Vancouver and up the island. The pushed him back down the Island until TitoRaspus logged.

The Skirmish in Alaska

A town in Alaska fell and a Canadian town called Warhaven claimed part of it. The Spaniard TitoRaspus claimed a different part and started hitting xRaisoren(Warhaven's Mayor) whenever he would go out of claims with the claim by TitoRaspus who said that this was training. LoganCreeper50 came to help but then TitoRaspus tp'ed away claiming he needed to go repair his gear and the conflict ended with Tito not coming back.

The Battle of San Fransisco

The Canadians of Redding were working on a plane on the edges of their claims, and then came EdgarPlaysDerpy attacking the Canadians whenever they went out of the claims. Eventually, the militaristic town fought back and called a few fellow Canadians that were online. There were many mini battles of Edgar withdrawing into the woods or his back to his town and the Canadians withdrawing back to Redding, the number of casualties are unrecorded but there were deaths on both sides.


All Spanish outposts are removed from Canada.

The Past Carribean Treaty shall be recognized by Spain.

The Past Carribean Treaty is continued to be recognized by Canada.