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CC (Cartier Commerce) is a Private business owned by Woddish a minor government official and mayor. Cartier Commerce is named after Port_Cartier a town in Quebec, Cote Nord. Cartier Commerce has one location which is in /n spawn Quebec. CC sells much at low prices such as slime, enchantment books, and string. In california we also sell nether materials including Warp stems and Quartz blocks. Cartier Commerce has ties to Joe's Random Shop for we share shop plots in Quebec. CC was created to fund Port Cartier's spendings on plots and building materials when Quebec was creating its new /n spawn. Enchantment book stocking can depend if my supplier of books has none in stock.

Cost of Featured Goods
Product Amount Cost (g)
Slime balls 10 1
String 16 1
Bricks 64 1
Efficency IV 1 1
Protection IV 1 1
Feather Falling IV 1 2
Knockback II 1 1
Sharpness V 1 2
Power IV 1 1
Anvils 3 1
Bones 64 1
Quartz blocks 32 1
Warped Stems 64 1
Nether Bricks 64 1
Blackstone 64 1