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Casper_cDog the absolute chad and troll of EMC


Casper_cDog started playing EMC on the factions server, there he met cobetkhei, bommbap, ylome, yobetchel and some other people that became his friends. After factions died out he started playing on Towny


He first joined towny on July 19th, after the fall of Qin and victory of his friends. The first town he joined was Cilician_Armenia. He quickly left it and joined Suao, Yue's capital. Over the next few months he logged on a few times to kill some people, but when factions was dead he started maining towny. After a few weeks of mining, raiding and killing he left Yue to create his own nation, the Hun Empire. That was a troll directed at corruptedgreed, which kinda worked out because he seemed pissed. He later agreed to sell it to greed for 600 gold. Currently he's in Niger, Alpha

Kill list

Casper_cDog being the chad he is has slain multiple pvp "gods" such as daviq, snowyy_b (even though hes in a negative ratio in duels with him), skater (twice but it counts!), cobetkhei, cobmumud, sana, austino, silve (alot), yet he still hasnt been able to kill corruptedgreed because of claims :sob:


Dont take this seriously