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Catalonia is a town located in east Spain. It has been in a lot of battles.


Catalonia first founded by GUI66 on _ and then called _. Catalonia then joined Spain. GUI66 then broke with Spain and joined the CCCP under EnderGames. While in the CCCP GUI66 was known as the Terror of Towns, raiding and pillaging wherever he went, with many in fear of him. When EndersGames was banned Catalonia created its own nation of Spanish Republic, which lasted for only a few days. Then Catalonia joined Cinder and Periano. The time from the collapse of the CCCP to present day, GUI66 has continued at attack and terrorize many of the Peace-Loving people of EarthMC.


Som el grup terrorista Terra Lliure lluitem contra el fascisme i defendem el socialisme, diem no a la globalització.

Somos el grupo terrorista "Terra Lliure" luchamos contra el fascismo y defendemos el socialismo, decimos no a la globalización.

We are the terrorist group "Terra Lliure" we fight against fascism and we defend socialism, we say no to globalization.

Freeland = Terra lliure

October War

Catalonia was in The October War it was one of the only active members in CCCP. The town terrorized other towns and didn't stop. Once The October War ended Catalonia still kept terrorizing towns which led to the.......The Catalonian-Yorktown War

The Catalonian-Yorktown War

Yorktown and Catalonia declared war on November 10, 2017. Catalonia decided to attack Yorktown and that battle started the war. The War went back and forth between Catalonia and Yorktown. Many of the battles ended either with Catalonian Defeat or Stalemate. In the end Catalonia lost heavily.

Ending History

Even after the end of The Catalonian-Yorktown War GUI66 still was rampaging and terrorizing towns. In the end GUI66 got banned for a mix of Greif and Toxicity.