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<< Please do not confuse this nation with either the USSR or with EnderGames nation, NATO\CCCP. This nation of Periano's is different from those, even though the nation tag for Soviet_Union is CCCP, it is a different nation from the attacker in the October War >>Template:Infobox nationCinder/Soviet_Union was a nation that came out of the remains of EnderGames CCCP. The nation is seen as a successor to the CCCP and even took the nation tag of CCCP, leading to much confusion.

The leader of Soviet_Union, Periano, was banned for toxicity. However on January 22nd 2018 Periano was unbanned, some people find this disturbing, saying Periano was very toxic, while others do not care and there are those who like Periano.

<< Lastly, though this nation claims to be Communist, this nation is not like the USSR where Communism was put into practice, the Soviet_Union merely says it is Communist, with putting it into practice >> .