Classic:Early Jo Dynasty

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The Jo Dynasty was China's first Dynasty, created in February 2017 (Around 140 A.C.). In 141 A.C. after the war againist Panama, someone from Kabi left, and made Dai_Xian. This city became targetted by a now banned player. Guardedcharlie, Tailz8003, and Beelzeus backed the city up. However, this alliance would not last long, as shortly after, a growing Kabi became the target of Guardedcharlie's California. This was a concern to its neighbour who was much closer to the warp that California repeatedly abused. However, this former ally was too busy with Kabi to have acknowledged its existance through the entire duration of the war.

In 148 A.C., this dynasty started seeing craters in their territory's roads. Although it remains unresolved who made them, the likely could have been a suspicious player in Jilin, or a currently banned player who would later become part of Early Soviet.

In 150 A.C., Kabi had separated from PWW, and later broke into warring kingdoms. The Jinn Dynasty which quickly became Manchuria chose to unite with Jo after Kabi started rashly planting more cities at this time. .