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Template:Infobox nationAfter Lucled tried to make the Russian Empire collapse, the rebuilding process was not going well so the Tsars decided to take a new approach to the nation. The nation became a republic and left behind their regionalization. With the help of the town Saronheim, the new European Union was able to set up a representative democracy and begin to grow and adapt to better survive on the server.

Acceptance into the EU

To be accepted into the EU a town must fall into the regions displayed on the acceptance map.


During the reconstruction of the Russian Empire, Tsar runnerboy72000 was approached by Oliveer with the idea of a European Union. runnerboy72000 then created the EU making Oliveer the chancellor until an election could be held. The EU joined the coalition against Cinder. Oliveer won the first Chancellor election by a landslide and became the first official Chancellor of the EU.

The EU fought in the Second and third Russian Civil wars

The EU fought a war against Spain

Eventually the EU split up into the AWO, The Danish Empire, and the Intermarium


The Grand Duchy of Russia

Capital: Nizhny-Novgorod

Austria Hungary

Capital: Hungary


Capital: Euskadi

Danish Empire


EU acceptance regions.JPG