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Template:Infobox nationThis dynasty was formed out of the first warring states of China. The Dynasty was succeeded by the Qin Dynasty. The Jinn Kingdom which attempted to unite the land as well as the Early Jo Dynasty were both usurped. It had a turbulent rise, a turbulent era, and a turbulent fall. They lasted from Late March 2017 to Early June 2017.

Jinn Warring States

When Manchuria wished to separate from PWW, the 2 kingdoms of China were established. Within 2 hours of its formation, the most bizzare events unfolded. Jinn split in pieces when Kabi demanded a new name. Jo split in two when Daixian flickered. This made 6 cities cut loose. Jinn, with Jilin as its capital, attempted to pull the country back together. Kabi made the bizzare decision to colonize new cities during this time, sandwiching Jo. Against the odds, the Jinn kingdom still managed to take these new cities and the Jo Dynasty.

The land became reunited after Kabi was retaken. However, before the states could breathe, Kabi threatened to return the land back into turmoil because their leader wasn't the emperor. The Emperor of Jinn had enough with their demands, and went into exile. Jinn's capital, Jilin, became a ghost town very quickly

Early Manchuria

Once the warring states ended, the server took a dark turn. Trash_Corporation and Hoting united to form Soviet, and they were ready to besiege every city on the map. Former Jo was targetted, and their roads were routinely blasted. However, Manchuria didn't become fully endangered until later. The fear of being warred against eventually reduced numbers and every city's progress was halted. When the loss of flag wars made everyone able to breathe again, Zenfloy antagonized Wu. Three days later, Praxis started driving players out of Manchuria.

Late Manchuria

As the lingering reign of terror began to succumb Manchuria, the 3 kingdoms of China were unofficially established: Manchuria, Jo, Wu, and Tai. These kingdoms had enough with what was happening to Manchuria, and banded together to establish a new emperor. This lead to the formation of the Qin dynasty, which would later be taken by the Huli Jing.

Honourable Mentions

  • The state of Jo turned from a small hamlet into a giant dome as protection from Praxis
  • Before its collapse, the city of Zhengzhou became a jewel of Manchuria, and was one of the wonders of the world.
  • They briefly owned all of Mongolia