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Oceania is a nation located in the pacific. It is currently ruled over by Kahuna Hoku


Early History

Establishment of Mergapolia

After leaving Germany in order to found a new Empire, the new city was established on a pacific island. While this was considered part of German New Guinea, there was no hostility. Shortly after leaving Ianspace71 helped form the nation State of Sonlow later renamed to Republic of Sonlow. After asking the leader of State of Sonlow, BIGk1, for 20g to expand the town IanSpace71 broke away and created the nation of Mergapolia now known as Oceania.

Late History

The Changing of Control

Ianspace71 changed the name from Oceana to SolomanIslands, and then soon after gave control of the nation to a different town and Ianspace joined Germany.


The towns in Oceania can be known as Mergopolis (Capital), Tradesville (late), Oceania City (late), .