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Australia is a nation currently known as Australian Empire, although this will change. The nation of Template:Infobox Millitary ArmyAustralia has previously been known as The United Union, The Kingdom Of Conwy and even llanfair

(shortened from Llanfair­pwllgwyn­gyllgo­gerychwyrn­drobwll­llanty­silio­gogogoch).

The plans for an Australian Nation have gone back months, Coffeetom (leader of Perth), had been planning to create a united Australian nation for a while, but when he spoke to DragonTrainer9, Dragon had the idea of changing Conwy (as it was still called) to Australian Empire. Dragon had always wanted a town in Australia but had found Scotland very nice and decided to stay.

On January 9, 2018, both Perth and Murray River left the UK, causing an outbreak of rage from the United Kingdom. For the next day, a sort of Cold War broke out, with both sides arguin, then going into peace, then arguing again. By the 11 Of January, GeneralRhombus accepted that Perth and Murray River had left, and turned their attention to Conwy (Ben Nevis City). They wanted Ben Nevis to get out of Scotland, calling it a rouge state and demanding it move to Australia. Dragon loved his place in Scotland, and wanted to continue his plan Template:Infobox Millitaryof making one super outpost in Australia, as large as a city.

File:Men At Work - Down Under (Video)
The Australian National Anthem, as decided by a vote for being “distinctly Australian”

The economy of Australia is currently strong for a new nation. A major contributor to the economy is SuperLoad, with quite a bit of gold.

The next goals of Australia are as follows:

- Unite Australia, New Zealand and even the islands around.

- Build the Australian Millitary to start to get involved in more international affairs, such as disputes and interferring in any illegal behaviou, or defending smaller nations.

- Colonise a few places in Southern Asia and begin to move north towards Europe. Template:Army of EgyptTemplate:Infobox MillitaryTemplate:Infobox Millitary Army

Colonies in Australia will only ever exist in areas that still let towns near expand, and if any disputes are raised, the government of Australia will vote on disbanding the colony. Talk to DragonTrainer9, Coffeetom, Drahip or Rafstar1 for complaints over colonising.

The Millitary forces of Australia are designed to protect smaller nations from harm until they grow, to keep justice in the Southern Hemisphere And fight against any illegal or injust nations. The military is divided into 3 parts; Army, Navy and Airforce. Currently, Rafstar1is Minister for Army, pingpng for navy, and ActionKurt for Airforce, while DragonTrainer9 is in command of the armed forces as Minister Of Defence.

The Fall Of Australia

On January 21, 2018, Perth was disbanded and it’s members joined the town of Hong Kong. Leadership was passed onto paper and Conwy joined the UK. .