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Do not Confuse this with the Ottomans, even though they share the same name. These nations here were all led by BimAliKemal.

Overview of NeoTurkey, Ottoman, and the Ottomans Empires

All of these nations, founded by BimAliKemel of Ankara, are located in present-day in-real-life Turkey. Despite this they only rule central anatolia currently, with the European Republic ruling the southwest, and the Spanish ruling the northwest. While plagued by inactivity, the nation sees relative peace and general prosperity that is generally uncharacteristic of the area.


The history of the Turkish nations are very unknown to the majority of the server, as they have not yet risen to prominence.

German Occupation

During the golden age of the German Empire the town of Ankara was first established with the explicit goal of creating a neo-ottoman empire. This time was seen with construction works, including a german built manor in the city (which has since been torn down). The city was a footnote, however was supported as the other German colonies, such as Manchester and Sparta, were. Afterwards Bim left in order to create the nation of NeoTurkey.


NeoTurkey is not very well known, as it never truly gained steam. The capital Ankara remained in it's entirety however at no point was there a true unification of Anatolia or push for an Ottoman empire. This is likely due to the inactivity of BimAli, not being online for sometimes weeks, or maybe the lack of a strong regionalist culture seen later in the Eras of Reconstruction and Hope.

Ottoman Empire

This was a name change of former NeoTurkey by Sultan BimAli. The sultan invited Alania into the fold to expand the newly renamed and more active nation. Later that day, several more towns sprang up under the direction of BimAli and joined the Ottoman Empire. However, due to a glitch, after every evening all the towns in the nation would be kicked besides the capital Ankara.

Ottomans Empire

BimAli, due to the issues with his nation, collapsed Ottoman and joined Waqit of Mughal temporarily until he could recreate his nation under a different name to try to fix the glitch. He did so, creating Ottomans, and asked Alania to rejoin after all this time. Alania rejoined and there were 2 towns in Ottomans, the capital Ankara, and Alania. However due to a citizen of Ankara stealing the nations gold, Alania left Ottomans under the impression that Ottomans would collapse. That never happened. BimAli has since made many attempts at recruiting more towns but his relatively constant inactivity plagues his nation.


On March 3rd 2018 BimAli collapsed Ottomans and his town, Ankara joined Caucasia. We will wait and see if this is long-term or merely temporary. Then on March 16th 2018 BimAli collapsed Ankara and joined Alania.