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The Principality of Monaco is a fairly young nation nestled between the Mediterranean Sea on the south and the Alps everywhere else. The city state is renowned for the beauty and uniqueness of it's architecture and landscape. Princess Florene I of Monaco is the country's sovereign.


Early days.

Monaco was founded on the 22nd of May by the (at the time) Tsarina of Russia: Florene.

All of May and part of June was spent chopping away at the Alps and building the beach so as to give Monaco the space needed to develop as a country. The first building in the fledgling nation was the "Ocean Museum of Monaco" which was built almost entirely from Prismarine and included the use of Dark Prismarine. However, Florene was unhappy with the final product and this was eventually torn down to make way for the Monte Carlo De Opera.

Birth of Modern Monaco

With the creation of the "Monte Carlo De Opera" Monaco's first permanent building was established and it came to pioneer the "Monegasque" style of architecture seen throughout the city which frequently utilizes Quartz, Birch Wood Planks, Trap Doors and Ladders to create architecture that radiates a sense of modern aesthetic and Baroque detailing.


Monte Carlo De Opera

A building which you'll be sure to take notice of upon arriving on the beaches of Monaco is the Monte Carlo De Opera which towers over the rest of the city. Going inside, you'll find elaborate detailing on virtually every block around you and looking high above, it is all topped off with a large chandelier. .