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Early History~

Before the Vichy France and the France that is today, France was seen as the Slum of Europe and was just a road you had to walk through to get to better places. Everything in France was in ruins because it was mainly a place where NewFags spent the night before moving on to greater things, but 73beetle wanted France to become a super power on EarthMC.

Founding of Vichy France~

73beetle left his home in Lisbon and took everything with him, it was time to make France great again. 73beetle and Adolf_Hitlar were attacked by mobs as they tried to locate the perfect spot for the new nation, finally 73beetle claimed land in Marseille, near where Alfatra is today with a loan of 4 gold from Adolf_Hitlar so therefor it was named Vichy France.

Kurai_18 joins Marseille~

The 3rd player to join Marseille would be Kurai_18. She would build a house similar to the style that can still be seen in Alfatra today. She would soon leave however to make Alfatra which would join Vichy France, but left the next day. Which frustrated leader 73beetle because no one wanted to Join a nation named Vichy France, a name change was requested, but the Mod said your nation is too new for a name change.

Founding of Brest~

The first town to join and stay in Vichy France until it died was Brest, Brest was created by ZaneBoy11.

Fall of Vichy France

Due to the frustration of no one joining Vichy France, 73beetle abandoned it and moved to Istanbul, later renamed to Constantinople.