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Dayzle joined on April 29, 2017. The first ever town he joined was the town of Kabi in China. He mostly used it to get across the Pacific to North America. Once he made it across the Pacific Ocean and to America. On April 30, 2017, he made his town of Anticosti and joined the infant nation of Canada

Early Canada

Dayzle joined Canada a day after its creation. He became close friends with the leader at the time mrClucky. Dayzle saw Canada grow in size by 6 towns, sadly all those towns are disbanded except Anticosti, a day in July mrclucky's computer charger stopped working so Mr.C stepped down and gave Dayzle the leader of Canada.

Being Leader

Dayzle was the leader for half of July, August, and September. Since he was a leader for so long he got the nickname "Dictator of Canada" he saw Canada grow by a lot of towns. He stayed in voice chat for hours with us Canadians, he made the discord lively by just being there. Dayzle gave many resources away and didn't ask for anything in return, Dayzle is a natural leader he made what Canada was and isn't now on 5/28/18. He made Canada a democracy giving us the people power so that this community can live beyond him to let the elections decide who would be the new Hoyenah.


Dayzle said that he would never run again, he is in the government chat and sometimes gives advice to the chiefs and the leader. On April 2, 2018 he finished his town of Anticosti. He is still on the discord but he barely plays EarthMC anymore. He claims to join the discord once in a blue moon. I think all Canadians hope he is telling the truth.


R.I.P Dayzle April 29 2017 - Eternally in our Hearts


"...think if we start trying to desperately get anybody to join, we're going to lose that sense of community that makes our nation one of the better ones." -Dayzle 5/20/17

"Not One Person should we considered above all others, only the citizens as a whole should be embraced" -----Dayzle 4/02/18

"Terra proved that Canada is much like a Chinese finger trap. The more pressure you place on us, the stronger we become." - Dayzle 9/9/18

"DickTater" - Dayzle 9/21/18

"Marriages are like breakfast.And just like there is second breakfast, there is second wedding"- Dayzle 9/30/18

"I have the best vc this side of Canada." - Dayzle 10/1/18

"Wouldn't that mean I'd have to completely remake the country? I don't think you can just be handed to me. Haha" - Dayzle 6/21/2017

"I need to know so I can help people." - Dayzle 11/11/18

"Truth over consequences." - Dayzle 11/11/18

"Just help people for the sake of helping people." - Daylze 11/12/18