December 31 (Classic)

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The Day

The beginning of the day was good and normal people would come online and do normal stuff. Then NSaurioGamer joined the Llamaist and declared a crusade against Wokism. So LoganCreeper50 and NSaurioGamer went to George town and tried to fight. This plan didn't do anything and no one was killed. Then they went back to the church. They were doing construction and then. They found Jonathin II was murdered. The Murder was sadly the first murder that day. After that they went back to construction. An hour after that they found the pope at the time dead. They saw 1 peice of Leather on the ground. They both were pronounced dead and they had an emergency coronation and crowned Cusco VIII as pope. Then LoganCreeper50 logged off, when he came back on he noticed that the llama Lumi III was missing and there was a grave in the front of the church. And he dug up the grave and he saw that Lumi III was berried alive. And Lumi III's husband Charles I was missing. Charles I has not been found and is declared missing.