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Dunkerque-Royan (Bordeaux) (Dunkirk)

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Davik_ (formorly


France (formerly)

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Dunkerque is a town in France by the French-Spanish border. It was in the nation of Republica Romana until it's fall on June 10th, 2018. The mayor of Dunkerque is Mustachegames. Dunkerque is home to lot's of buildings like it's beautiful town hall, Or it's hotel.

Early history and mustachegames period

-Dunkerque was founded on may 20, 2018 by Mustachegames and Phillybob777. When Dunkerque was founded it was just a big wheat farm. This wheat farm is no longer there, but the wheat from it still feeds the people of Dunkerque. On June 6th, 2018, Republica Romana fell to ruin, leaving Dunkerque a independent town.

On June 12th, 2018 Dunkerque joined Germany. in June, 2018, Dunkerque join France.


most of Royan was bought by Mustachegames from June 22nd to June 30th, 2018. Mustachegames put most of the town under renovation. These newly renovated builds are, The Wall, Polkadotmonkey's house (now Royan museum) and the Royan pier.

Bordeaux period and downfall

After the MonaFrance merge Mustachegames renamed the town to "Bordeaux". After the rigged election in July 16th, 2018, Mustachegames sold his town to Nastydan_xd and left France to make wellington.

Nastydan_XD period

Nastydan_XD was a guy from Oregon, MonaFrance and he was Trusted by Mustachegames. After a Rigged election Mustachegames said he would leave France, because of this Nastydan_XD jumped to buying his town. Mustachegames Sold the town to Nastydan_XD on July 16th, 2018, for 50g and 12 stacks of oak wood logs and then took down all the buildings in Bordeaux (Dunkerque-Royan) and renamed the town to "Dunkirk".

Dunkirk's mayor quits and fall of Dunkirk

After nastydan_XD quit he gave the town to davik_ who never played. After a long period of inactivity the town of Dunkirk fell. There are no plans of making a new Dunkirk, but Mustachegames is willing to fund a town there if anybody is willing to settle.