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The EarthMC Builders Club tries to create a builder community. Its Discord channels are designed to help builders all over the EarthMC world:

  1. acquire materials
  2. acquire new residents to their town and nations
  3. find help with odd jobs
  4. help others with building tasks
  5. shop efficiently
  6. celebrate architectural achievements
  7. showcase builds around EarthMC that one might not have the opportunity to see
  8. socialize and exchange news in a casual environment
  9. have fun and inspire each other with friendly competitions

Builders are encouraged to show off their builds. It's one thing to see a town or build in EarthMC, but it's much better if you get the builders' comments.

Although everyone is welcome to visit the club's public channels, only members are allowed to post ads.


  • Relevant advertising
  • Jobs matchmaking
  • Building a catalog of open towns
  • Collecting a showcase of builds around EarthMC
  • Improve building skills by chatting with other builders
  • Casual exchange of news and gossip
  • Provide a place to advertise selling a town or nation
  • Hold friendly competitions for prizes


The EarthMC Builders Club was founded in EarthMC Discord on 12 Sep 2019 by Barbay1.


Members compete in fun competitions to inspire each other and win prizes. You can view the entries in the Builders Club discord, under #competition-finalilsts.

Sunrise Competition (Oct 5 to Oct 16, 2019)

The Sunset Competition topic was "Show us your best sunrise/sunset picture in your build location(s)." 9 competitors participated. Competition Sponsor: Egga_

Discord IGN Build
1st place A_Bag_of_Peanuts randompops Dread Fort at Sunset
2nd place Cybill Laniebell Dorchester's Fellow Bridge at Sunset

Interiors Competition (Oct 17 to Nov 16, 2019)

The Interiors competition is currently in progress, submissions are due by Nov 16. The topic is: "Show us your best interior decorating picture in any of your EarthMC builds."

Discord IGN Build
Discord IGN Build

Future Plans

Currently, the EarthMC Builders Club has no physical location in EarthMC. A clubhouse may be constructed in a later date if there is a need.

The building used in the EarthMC Builders Club icon was built by Barbay1 in creative.

Discord Invite

If you like to build on EarthMC, join us!

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Your Invitation to the EarthMC Builders Club

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