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Welcome to the EarthMC Wiki, a MediaWiki website that any EarthMC player can participate in.

It aims to establish a collection of all things EarthMC related.

Log in with Discord by clicking the link in the top right corner. This will allow you to edit and create pages.

Don't forget to link your wiki pages to your in-game town or nation with command /t set wikipage or /n set wikipage. This will create clickable wiki links when selecting territory on the map.

Now let's create an entry to build EarthMC Wiki!

Category navigation - Quick access to relevant information

Navigate using the categories below, or search for specific pages.

Select a server: Aurora Nova Classic

Select a server: Aurora Nova Classic

Welcome to the Wiki! - How to edit

Use the following page creation buttons to create a page for the Aurora map:

Before you make an edit on this wiki, please bear in mind a few things:*Check our rules for the Wiki, violation of them may result in being blocked!
  • You can check out the help category to learn more and view the structure in which articles should be written.
  • Rewards are available in game for contributions to the EarthMC Wiki. Click here to see more.
  • All articles are required to follow the Subdivision template and specific templates also exist for the following types of articles:
  • Eras are decided by the staff. Do not attempt to make articles relating to eras.
  • Vandalizing articles or the wiki in any way will result in a ban and will just be reverted anyway.
  • Remember to categorize your articles so they show up in the correct lists!
Statistics - Every contribution will not be forgotten

So far, the editors have created 2,351 entries,

Completed 234,970 edits and uploaded 14,680 pictures,

Since moving out of Fandom, a total of 40 editors have contributed to EarthMC Wiki.

Thank you for your efforts!

Good article?
Good articles are now rewarded a special template at the top. Read more onto how to get it.