Ecumenical Republic Empire (Classic)

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Ecumenical Republic (ERE)

The ERE was a nation located in Eurasia and the Pacific. Its capital was Chelyabisk (now: Kamenka) It was set up in April 2018 by Dimavr2, Crafish_Gamer and Jinkose in Chelyabisk's town hall. There, those 3 players created the Constitution of the new nation which set Parliamentary Republic as the nation's system of policy. Crayfish_Gamer was declared the first President (also referred as Queen) of the ERE until the first democratic elections would be organized.

  • Elections I - April 2018 Owentheguy was elected as the second President of the ERE after the elections of April 2018 getting 62.5%. Dimavr2 and Crayfish_gamer got 12.5% each. Owen's government had 3 Ministers: Dimavr2 - Minister of Economics, Repeerc709 - Minister of Military and Crayfish_Gamer - Minister of Foreign Relations. The government enhanced the nation's alliances and its power and, also, created a financial system with an organized taxes plan. However, the nation started suffering from inactivity.
  • Elections II - May 2018 The second elections of the ERE were the first to be organized with political parties. The Democratic Socialist Party (DSP) of Dimavr2 won the election with 80%. Repsiblickans of Repeerc709 came second with 20%. So, Dimavr2 was declared the 3rd President of the ERE. Despite his promise to turn the nation active again, his plans didn't pay out and the situation became worse. So, at the middle of June 2018 Dimavr2 took the decision to merge ERE into the nation of Seaterrica. This was the end of the Ecumenical Republic.

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