Faberge Jewelry (Nova)

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Faberge or (Grosvenor-Faberge Fine Jewelry Inc.) is a London-Russian based corporation which is based upon creating fine jewelry such as tiaras, crowns, fine diamonds, crystals and clothings.

The Faberge logo, depicting the Imperial Russian Romanov Eagle.


The Faberge company was founded by George Grosvenor 1st Duke of Westminster and is the leading jewelry shipping and special-crafting jewelry company on Terra Nova. The name Faberge was drawn from the Dukes Russian visits where he visited Leningrad and came across a strange man with the name Faberge written on his hands. The Duke grew so fond of this name that we wished for it to be on every fine jewel that he could find. Because of the Duke being a British, he could get easy access to Africa, where he ordered many fine diamonds and jewels home to London and started the production of jewelry.


Fine jewelry in Minecraft is renamed and enchanted diamonds followed by an official Faberge description book signed by The Duke which makes your crystal, tiara or jewel unique and precious in its own way. It is possible to commision a set of crowns or tiaras in gold, diamond or iron and will be sold for a decent price in London.

(Special commissions come with a private visit at Westminster House in London and a meeting with HG, The Duke of Westminster).