Fossil, Oregon

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Fossil, Oregon

Fossil is a town in the Oregon High Desert with an area of 2176 blocks squared. Fossil is a fast growing town founded on 9/17/2022 by Judebricks after he gave YellowCar1954 Portland.

Flag of Fossil Oregon

Notable Town Residents

Mayor Judebricks,

Councilor Hydrazz1

Town CoOwner Mhw23

Former Councilor Zoo23

Future Plans

After Judebricks retook the town, the "Fossil Oregon 8 Month Expansion Blueprint" from October 2022 has be implemented, however the plan is expected to be

completed sooner than 8 months.


Fossil has several landmarks which include:

  • Fossil Capital BuildingFossilCapitalB.png
  • Yellow StreetYellow Street.png
  • Fossil and Oregon MuseumFMO.pngFMI.png


Fossil was Historically part of the nation of Oregon lead by OriginalDogster, Bon_Krach and Wdym_. The town got its money from mining and voting and was made by Judebricks after giving Yellowcar1954 mayorship over Portland. It's historic mayor Judebricks lead most of Oregon behind the scenes and was anti-Cascadian, making a paramilitary group with a size of 4.