French Egypt (Classic)

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French Egypt was a colony of the French Union, previously the colony of the Spanish Empire. It consisted of Suez, GoldenState, and Tunisia(controlled by the autonomous region of Belgium within the French Union). It was the wealthiest region as well as the most populated it was known for its potion-making and gold mining.


Autonomous Region of Tunisia - Governor X_Myers_Y

Province of Suez - Governor Shubble

Province of GoldenState - King Endy776


French Egypt was an autonomous region within the French Union, along with Belgium. It was led by the King Endy776, however, RenWildDyder became the King shortly after the fall of the French Union.

Independence Movement

Shortly after French Union merged with the Republic of Paris and Lorraine to form France ex-French Union towns rebelled. Old overseas territories and autonomous regions were regarded as "useless" and not worthy of "our time" by KadeTheDank, therefore, they were the first to leave the newly formed France.