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GEM's full name is General Engineering and More.

Purpose Of Establishment

Our goal is to provide consumers with the latest and greatest technology to date. On EMC we provide a variety of goods and services such as: fighter craft, deforestation, interstellar colonization vessels, warships and much more! I guarantee that your investments will not go to waste.

The Chairman

2theMAXStairFax was the original EMC GEM founder but left due to thing he needed to do such as collage. The original plan of GEM was to make a massive ship in the middle of the gulf of Mexico, this ended up having a different outcome of a approximately 50 chunk space ship in Fox Magic Madagascar. Now known as Far Point. Shortly after the completion of the first a second nicer ship was constructed but never completed finished as the inside had no decoration in the main room. Max then went on to build a 680 chunk space ship in Songhai, which never completed due to him needing to go to collage. About 3-6 months after his departure the 2 high ranking members reformed gem on aurora leaving the highest ranking of them in charge and or im_a_axolotl. The new plan for aurora was to make a 23 chunk ship which was a micro version of the original ship built on emc. Long story short the new chairman is im a axolotl.

The Organizational Direction

Gem is currently building a 23 chunk space ship as stated above if you wish to buy a plot let us know in the discord below.


Our discord:


Gem was formed to make a huge space ship in the middle of the gulf of Mexico this didn't happen instead, 2 55ish chunk ships one of which nearly finished and the other completed and 680 chunk ship that was in the making were made, but 2 of which never completed. Max acquired 2 workers that kept gem alive and brought it over to aurora after his retirement. which the 2 are now making a 23 chunk ship in Sambava Madagascar terra aurora.