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GGOVI Air is an town and an airline operated by all alts of GGOVI.

GGOVI Airlines was founded in early October, and uses BoatFly hacks in order to fly passengers. Countless people have been banned for flying GGOVI Air, such as TheRealOGre, MrTimCook (TheRealElon_Musk), TossyBros, and Cubs_. Mods heavily discourage people from flying GGOVI Air, and YellowVictini is actively tracking down GGOVI Air.

The town GGOVI_Air was created on October 13th, and was claimed on a flat chunk of mountain that served as a runway and HQ for GGOVI_Air. GGOVI joined the town on many alts, until mods unclaimed all the GGOVI_Air land, andd GGOVI Airlines HQ was griefed.

GGOVI Air runs many flights, but they are unfrequent and unpredictable, due to queue. The most common flight that GGOVI Air runs is from East Rome Airport to Central Abruzzo Airport, which is a very short, 1 minute ride. GGOVI Air has provided this Rome-Abruzzo flight to countless players, from judebricks to LukeGears. GGOVI Air works similar to an Uber- It flys on demand. GGOVI Air has flown many flights from Milan, for example, from Milan to Cloud_City. GGOVI Air has also flew flights from New_York to Chicago and from Europe to Italy.

Despite other Airline corporations, GGOVI Air is the fastest and easiest to use airline. Although there is the risk of being banned for flying GGOVI Air, it is the fastest way of travel, faster than iceroads. GGOVI Air is not only fast, it is also fun, as it can go high in the air, allowing a luxurious experience.

GGOVI Air is exploring trans-continental flights. On October 12th, GGOVI flew from New York City to Mergopolis, a transcontinental flight that crossed 2 oceans. The flight took 3 hours- semi-mimicing the flight times in real life.

GGOVI Air has been flown by many influential people. GGOVI Air Flights have sometimes crashed- mostly intentionally, as the passenger would die of fall damage and the GGOVI Alt driving the plane could pick up all the loot.

GGOVI Air marked the end of all airlines: as mods began to cut down on airlines due to GGOVI Air. However, GGOVI Air has cooled down a bit and the mods have relaxed the cut down on airlines

It is reported that TheCactusJarod flew GGOVI Air, as well as Judebricks.

The downfall of GGOVI Air

Towards the end of 2019, legal airlines such as Midwestern Air, Northwestern Air, Air India, Qantas, Travellers Air and Langford Air were created. This led to GGOVI Air slowly crumbling to its demise. However, it still exists, but is not the once big air giant it once was.