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Relations between Israel and the Greater Roman Empire are complex and strained. Initially establishing itself as a dominion within the GRE, Israel rose to prominence over time. It went from dominion to province, eventually acquiring two Kephales in the GRE's Imperial College. However, as it grew in size, Israeli attitudes towards expansionism became more emboldened. The conquest of lands into the Arabian peninsula included intrusions into Nubian territory. Inevitably this mounted towards Persia as well, and other minor nations in the area. After subsequent violations of GRE Federalism, Israel sought to leave the GRE diplomatically. This effort stalled when, during negotiations, Israel acquired a town in SPQR's provincial territory within Egypt and forcibly annexed it into Israel. This was accompanied by extensive backtracking on previous propositions from the Israeli side. Any window for diplomacy closed when Israel proceeded to proclaim its independence, went silent in the ticket, then claimed further into SPQR claims over Cyprus following its collapse. Since then, there has been an undeclared conflict in which Israel maintains hostility with the GRE through additions of its rebel nations to the IDC, along with the holdover of towns within SPQR's claims. Some also formerly saw Israel as aiding Britain in its Cold War with the Europa Pact. However, Israel more so remains as its own third party, prominent for its doctrine of pvping/killing any side for loot.


Israel's founding

When plans of an Israeli nation surfaced, a group chat was created between the GRE and the proposed government. The discussion revolved around joining the GRE, foreign policy (Turkey, Arab_Empire, the Entente alliance) and borders.

On November 18th, 2019, Israel was created by orche. Orche (the planned Prime Minister) proposed a relationship similar to the Swiss and EU irl, however eventually settled for fully joining the GRE.

Israel in the GRE

December 2019

Approaching the middle of December, a vote was put up in the GRE's Imperial College to incorporate Israel to the GRE as "a dominion of Byzantium". It was accepted with 12-1 votes for it joining. The vote went on to the Senate and passed 38-5, officially admitting Israel into the GRE.

On December 30th, orche informs the GRE that the Israeli parliament voted 3-2 to leave due to being targeted in the conflict between the Regional Powers and GRE. He publicly announces Israel leaving the GRE the following day, rejoining the Entente immediately after.

January 2020

On January 14th, 2020, orche expressed interest in rejoining the GRE. He provided an explanation for the previous sudden departure.

On January 19th, a vote was put up for zerkillor's Umayyad nation to join the GRE as a dominion of Byzantium. There was disproval from Israel on this, however the vote still passed 10-2. The vote proceeded to pass 29-11 in the Senate.

June 2021

Israel Leaves GRE (6-30-21).png

On June 30th, in the midst of ongoing negotiations, Marko announced that Israel had left the GRE. Unbeknownst to anyone, Israel also opened negotiations with Britain for an alliance against the GRE. Nothing much was achieved other than The_Impaler telling Glamourian to download the GRE's government channels.

July 2021

Moving into July, Israel reaffirmed its departure from the GRE with a roleplay announcement, and continued talks with Britain. There was proposition of an alliance including Nubia, Britain, and Israel (NIB) to counter Europa. However, in the end Israel opted to make their own alliance, the International Defense Coalition. The full transcript of Israel's initial discussion with Britain was leaked as a part of channels released during the Accordo Crisis, it is downloadable here.



Israel & NIB alliance