GRE Imperial Bank

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GRE Imperial Bank

The GRE Imperial Bank (abbreviated as GREIB) is an multinational investment, Town, Nation, and Central bank 

company headquartered in Ponsacco, Tzarist Russia

Due to Kaze613, this has had to shut down


GRE Imperial Bank was founded in Februrary 2nd, 2019.

The Tzarist Russia Bank was launched in Tzarist Russia and is completely owned by Kaze613.

It's the first Central, National, and town bank, and is listed on the Spanish Stock Exchange (SSE). 

It's IPO was on April 5th, 2020 and is still publicly traded on the exchange. 

New financial services

The GREIB offers all its clients that deposit into the bank a 46% monthy return (10% weekly) on interest.

And offers Nation, Town, and Personal loans, at the cheapest interest rates possible. 

They also offer a referral system that makes it to where every client that you refer to the bank that deposits, you will get 8G.



Tzarist Russia Bank was founded in February 30th, 2020.

After GRE Imperial Bank was created the shareholders were as followed: Kaze613 60% share hold, With 40% in stocks being open to the public.

It's the first organized bank and central bank, the GREIB is currently publicly traded on the Spanish Stock Exchange.

On March 25th, Kaze613 began issuing town, nation, and personal loans.

The GREIB also started giving all of it's clients with deposits a 10% interest rate every week. And the money to pay the clients came from the loans the GREIB was issuing.

New financial services

Currently if a person wants to be a client and deposit money into the bank to gain the interest all they simply have to do is message the CEO on discord the amount and do /pay. And within a week they'll begin receiving pay outs from the bank.


The CEO of the bank is normally the sakellarios(treasurer) of the GRE, as the position is vacant most of the time, and the bank is quite outdated, treasurers have gone past it not really growing it, the last CEO was 13E666L13, he would then get fired upon his nation leaving the GRE.