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Gayfish are a series of collectibles created by Emperor6k.


Gayfish were a limited series of collectible raw cod, named as "Emperor6k's Gayfish #(number)". They were released in limited series of 18, each accompanied by a guidebook that listed the owner and a description of the Gayfish's "abilities".


The first "series" of Gayfish, numbering 1 to 18, was released by Emperor6k on May 11, 2020, shortly followed by series II, released on May 15. A third series was later released with an associated guidebook, though the date they were released is unknown.

Known Gayfish

Serial # Owner Description History
1 GMJ Claimed to give good luck, leading to the discovery of a large vein of gold.
2 "This gayfish can play the piano."
9 Raurok
19 The_Nub12 First Gayfish sold in Series II, for the steep price of 50G.
20 Santacruiser "This gayfish is a psychopath." For most of this Gayfish's history, it was displayed at the Kantbyen museum. After the town fell, it was transported by Reddsman, a close accomplice of Santacruiser, to a private collection in Lofoten. Gayfish #20 is currently in the possession of Reddsman.