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Glacier Bay is a nation that was started by ScribbyBingus on July 27th, 2019 and joined Cascadia on July 30th, 2019. The nation's official religion is Pissism.

On March 6th, 2020, Glacier Bay was bought by a Californian by the name of George.png GeorgeMichaeI. The nation then became a part of the Californian Confederacy on the same day and the Sunset confederacy.png Sunset Confederacy the day after.


Pre-Glacier Bay Era (6/26/2019 - 7/27/2019)


On June 26th, 2019 ScribbyBingus and He_Swim settled north west of Cascadia to create a new nation founded on God, Freedom, and Liberty. While settled there were great threats for Carolina and attacks on our land, so the men decided to pack up what few things they had and search for safer lands. after a journey across the American plains and mountains, and a trip up the west coast the explorers found a bay with lush farmland surrounded by jagged peaks and there founded the great city of Juneau on June 28th, 2019.

NW Territories of Cascadia

The People of Juneau found it to be in their best interests to establish good relations with the surrounding Federation of Cascadia. After discussion, Juneau was put temporarily in charge of the NW Territories so they wouldn't fall. Within this time Juneau expanded to large size incorporation many of the city districts we have today. With the expanse in size came an expanse in foreign relations which lead to the Qin-NW War. The war only lasted a day and ended with a truce with no casualties for either side.

ScribbyBingus' Reign (7/27/2019 - 3/06/2020)

Joining Cascadia and Creating Glacier Bay

The NW territories were handed to the Cascadian government and Juneau founded the nation of Glacier Bay on July 27th, 2019 and joined the Cascadian Federation on July 30th, 2019.


Glacier Bay leaves Cascadia around November or December of 2019. It is not recorded why and it is not recorded exactly when. It is absolutely unknown what happened to the nation from December 2019 and onward. However, it is said that Glacier Bay joined the Pacific Commonwealth (disbanded as of March 2020) on the day it was formed, December 7, 2019. The only thing keeping the nation alive was ScribbyBungus constantly getting online. The nation and capital saw zero growth over 2020.

GeorgeMichaeI's Reign (3/06/2020+)

Glacier Bay is Sold

GeorgeMichaeI had an urge to own a nation somewhere in the North-West. He wanted a part of Alaska, but that request got repeatedly declined by Alaskan leaders. He was searching elsewhere for a place to own. He stumbled across British Columbia, so he reached out to the owner to buy the nation, but he did not respond for a while. Instead, he contacted the owner of Glacier Bay, ScribbyBingus, on 3/2/2020 and gave him an offer for the nation. They talked for a bit and they settled at the price of 964 gold for the nation. GeorgeMichaeI only had 350 gold at the time of settling the price, so he went and mined some more. After the amount of gold needed was obtained he contacted ScribbyBingus again to get online and transfer the nation. The nation would be successfully transferred at 3/6/2020 1:20PM PST.

Complete Government Reform

GeorgeMichaeI saw this purchase as a fresh start. He let ScribbyBingus take his own stuff and leave. He later settled in Kish. GeorgeMichael completely scrapped the old government, Anarcho-Communism, and replaced it with one that wasn't so complicated. Absolute Monarchy was the best choice at this time, because the nation didn't come with a lot of residents. A feudalistic style structure was put into place and the discord was put together. It was good to go.

Joining the Sunset Confederacy and Californian Confederacy

Since GeorgeMichaeI was a strong member of Los Angeles, California, he wanted to join the New Californian Confederacy right away. He contacted Gawker and then he announced it. Glacier Bay was officially part of the Californian Confederacy. The Sunset Confederacy then casts a vote to decide if Glacier Bay should join the confederacy. The vote passes and Glacier Bay officially joins the Sunset Confederacy on 3/7/2020. Finally, Glacier Bay joins another alliance by the name of North Western Union on 3/9/2020, which is an alliance between nations in the North West Coast.


GeorgeMichaeI requests for his town's claims to be completely reset to fresh terrain to the mods so he doesn't have to spend several hours tearing everything down. When his town is reset he wishes to build it back up again in his own style while also inviting more residents. This reset would be essential for the growth of Glacier Bay. GeorgeMichaeI tells Gawker, king of California, to cast a vote for Glacier Bay to join NATO. The vote for Glacier Bay to join NATO passes and they officially join on 3/11/2020. All of the Glacier Bay land rolls back on 3/12/2020. GeorgeMichaeI now plans out his town.


Glacier Bay is an Absolute Monarchy with a little bit of feudalistic style government structure. It consists of counts, knights and citizens/peasants.

King - Owns all the land. Makes the laws for everyone in Glacier Bay. Gives land to noble citizens sometimes. Can call levies if needed.

Count - Town owners of Glacier Bay. They offer shelter for both knights and citizens. They have some say in the government, but there is no constitution to go off of. Counts can also provide and call members of the military if they or the king is of need of military aid.

Baron - A noble citizen that owns at least 2 plots in any town in Glacier Bay. They are an active citizen with a lot of prestige and the title is handed to by the king. They have the potential to be handed a town.

Knights - Military service members who voluntarily protect the peasants and land. They can also be called for military aid if the count or king needs it.

Citizen - Just a normal town member.

Leaders of Glacier Bay

Leader Name(s) Role(s) Dates Days Ruled
ScribbyBingus Leader 7/27/2019 - 3/06/2020 223
GeorgeMichaeI King 3/06/2020+