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What are Gold crates?

Gold Crates are custom items exclusive to Earth MC, Crates can give you Gold ( the currency of the server. ) Crates also can drop Tridents and Totems of Undying. (Only way to get Totems on Aurora)


Crates are received from using the /vote command and clicking on the links provided. Clicking on the links takes the player to a minecraft voting site where once inserting their username and playing a quick Captcha game they are awarded with 1 crate for each links they have recieved. Both links have 24 hour cooldown timers.


  • voting offline will NOT register your vote and you will lose the ability to vote again until cooldown is over. That's why it is highly advised to vote while you're already in-game.
  • If you have a full inventory, crates are sent to your ender chest. If that happens to be full as well, they are deposited into your /cr claim balance.
  • To open a crate, simply place it down anywhere and it will begin rolling like a slot machine.


Here are the gold crate statistics - (ESTIMATED)

  • Tridents: 1%
  • Totems: 0.01%

Gold drops

  • 1 gold (rare 7.5%)
  • 2 gold (uncommon 15%.)
  • 4 gold <- average (common 40%.)
  • 8 gold (uncommon 15%.)
  • 12 gold (rare 7.5%.)
  • 16-20 (very rare 5%.)
  • 32 or 64 (extremely rare 1%~)

Tip You can sell your vote crates for 6-7g per to people through /trade in-game
All numbers are mental estimates, nothing is 100% correct.

VoteParty Crates

AKA Bruh Crates is a variatios of the normal crate where one is given to every online player once the we hit the votepary (/vp) which happens every 5,000 Votes. They have different drops than regular crates, starting at 10g and ending with a Totem of Undying, it very much varies what you might get. Most common is 20g though.

Gold drops

  • 16 gold <- average (common 40%.)
  • 30 gold (uncommon 15%.)
  • 64 gold (rare 7.5%.)
  • Totem of Undying (extremely rare 0.01%~)

History of Golden Crates

  • Old Vote Crates
  1. Min. of 1 gold.
  2. Very low chance of getting a Trident or Totem of Undying (0.01%~) and a public message is sent in chat: instead of "[Player] has voted and won 3g" it says "Someone has voted and won a Trident/Totem of Undying (in a colored name)"
  • New Vote Crates
  1. Intorduced in the Quality of Life Update ( on April 23rd 2023
  2. Min. of 2 gold.
  3. Way higher chance to get a Trident, 32g, and 64g.
  4. Totems are still as rare
  5. New UI