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A town founded by StlngRay (ex owner of Palau and ex chancellor of Inca). Basically just if Brazil, Inca, and every 3rd world nation in all of EMC had a baby.


Grosso, is a jungle nation out in the middle of Brazil. Grosso is named after the real state of Brazil called "Mato Grosso". Stlng just took the "Mato" out because he wanted a short name with no underscores for the nation. The capitol town of Grosso is Colombus. Grosso is a province of the well known nation of Inca.


Once upon a time, a player named StlngRay was getting really bored of his quiet island life where sometimes terrorists from Asian nations would fishing rod him out of claims, while he was melon farming. (referencing Palau) So he decided to start up a shop in the Melon Dome of Inca and sell misc items and god gear. With some financial assistance from Prlckly (leader of Inca) they bought an already made nation, that was moved all the way from the pines of North America into the jungles South America.

Selling Palau

StlngRay couldn't sell Palau, despite his efforts. His first offer was 64 gold, second was 56, and the price dropped all the way down to 24 gold. But no one at all would buy the decently built and weirdly located island town for a good 4% of what it was worth.

Religion and Beliefs

Ever heard of Melonism? Well it's the cool new and not to mention hip religion where you celebrate melons for everything they do! This explains why half of the buildings in Grosso have some sort of melon in their design. Grosso gets their ideas from the nation of Inca and Pope Prlckly.