Hafnarland Hut (Classic)

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Hafnarlond Hut

Hafnarland Hut is a small halfway hut situated between Yellowknife and Hafnarlond. The hut was built out of an abandoned shack to serve as a place of refuge 1.2km from Hafnarlond.


Sharkfynn1012 stumbled upon an abandoned shack whilst mapping the surrounds of Yellowknife. Upon sighing the humble abode he had the urge to turn it into something more.The hut now serves as a rest stop for players on long journeys and is a wild unclaimed structure. As such, the interior is very minimalist with a bed, torch and crafting table inside.


This hut is located between the city of Yellowknife and Hafnarlond. It sits on a small Island off the coast of mainland Canada. Sharkfynn1012 lived in Yellowknife but now is the Mayor of The Lone Blockbuster and is able to service the hut as needed.