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Nation Mexico
Town Mazatlan
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Political Party No political affiliation. Bishop of the Catholic Church
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Jerryboy97 is a Mexican player who owns the coast city of Mazatlan, which is located in the northwestern part of Mexico. He is commonly referred as 'Jerry' by his friends (he also goes by Padre Jerry, Jerry el Capo and Jery) and has been active since August of 2021. He is also part of the Catholic Church and is presumably the leader of Mexico's infamous Cartel de Santa (Cartel de Sinaloa).


This section provides an accurate summary of Jerryboy97's major events, controversies and current political, economic and religious affairs.


The Start of a Legend

On October 6, 2019, a username by the name of 'Jerryboy7' joined EarthMC for the first time, as one of the many players who found the server from watching the now infamous ibxtoycat YouTube video in which he showcasted the server to millions of viewers, prompting a large influx of new players. Jerry spawned in the middle of Mongolia, and was almost immediately killed by a mercenary, but was able to escape.

Unaware of how the Towny plug-in worked, Jerryboy aimed to reach Mexico by walking, boating and nether travelling. In his expedition, he found several amazing views which made him want to stay and play on the server for a long time, because he thought of the idea of wanting to make a beautiful Mexican-looking town one day, paying homage to his heritage. It was on this expedition that he visited the town of Paris for the first time, as well as the Alps, in which he mined for a while to get some gear.

On the same day he joined the server, Jerry arrived to Barcelona and, from that point, he boated through the Atlantic Ocean and finally arrived to the Gulf of Mexico, landing in today's Ciudad Valles. He made his first base in what is supposed to be Tampico in real life and, for the following days, started to acquire more gear for the future. Nevertheless, he was not to join EarthMC again for the following two years, presumably because his computer died and was unable to do so, and ended up forgetting about the server completely. Up to that point, he had only spoken once in chat, a simple "f".



On August 1, 2021, Jerryboy97 joined back (he had changed his name from Jerryboy7 to Jerryboy97 when he migrated his account), and this time he joined his first town, a Canadian town from Nunavut, which he immediately left, as it had nothing for him to do. He had committed the mistake of spawning to the town without gathering his stuff he mined two years prior, so he has helpless. The second town he joined was Kyushu, capital of Shimazu, part of the Greater Japanese Empire. For the following month, Jerry got used to the server dynamism and started to become more active. He still had in his mind the idea of funding a Mexican town, however, and realized that in order to accomplish that dream, he would need to acquire gold in large amounts. That was when it hit him the idea of starting his own emporium, his own branding of goodies to sell to players: potions.


In order to sell his potions (and other miscellaneous stuff), Jerryboy97 would need to start reaching out other players and have a network. This, added to the fact that he became more active on the server (specially in the Japanese community) provided him with shop plots in Japan, Himyar, Brazil, Trump Island and other nations' spawn areas. He sold potions of all sorts and grinded alchemy to reach Haste potions - which was one of his main goals so he could grind for gold ores. During this time, a new Japanese Cartel was born for a short time, with a forgotten name; some believe Jerryboy97 had something to do with it, but it is unclear of his involvement. Jerry also made his first EarthMC friends and, by chance, he met the Chancellor of Mexico, Pinklady98, and befriended her in hopes to one day be a part of her town.

Back in Mexico

Through the beginning of October, Jerry made plans to move out of Shimazu and enter Mexico, despite being given some important roles in Kyushu. He was certain that his future on EarthMC was in Mexican lands, and, thus, on October 8, 2021, Jerry officially moved to Mexico, to be under the rule of Uberstrase and Pinklady98. Jerryboy97 was back in Mexico, older and wiser, and he now had more knowledge about the server and was prepared to found his Mexican town.

Founding of Mazatlan

On October 18, 2022, Jerryboy97 founded the town of Mazatlan.


Terra Aurora

At the beginning of May, 2022, Terra Aurora opened its doors for premium players to play, and later all non-premium ones. Jerryboy97 founded Kathmandu in India alongside with Meguminkay. Later that month, they switched places to live on for several months in the middle of Northern Mexico, founding Jerry's second town in Aurora: Torreón.

After some months of doing mapart, Jerry became inactive, leaving Torreón in Meguminkay's hands, and moved to La Paz, Perú. In the middle of October, SaphIssaQT and FroyourFilms brought back Jerryboy97 to the Mexican Empire, holding the town of Tampico to this day.


List of former and current towns Jerryboy97 has lived in:


  • A fallen town in Nunavut (name unknown)
  • Kyushu (Shimazu)
  • Mexico (Mexico) - now known again as Cartel
  • Mazatlan (Mexico)


  • Kathmandu (India)
  • Torreón (Sonora)
  • Tampico (Sonora)
  • La Paz (Peru)
  • Tampico (Mexico)