Königsberg Emerald Company

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The Königsberg Emerald Company was a company based in Königsberg, the capital of Prussia.


The company started, when XLNuggets accidentally punched a villager, when he was cured, and when he looked to check the trade, he shouted in voicechat "Holy fucking shit guys, we're rich!".

They had found out, that cleric villagers were willing to trade you three gold, for one emerald. At first they all thought, that his trades had flipped because they had punched him, but they soon found out, that this was due to the developer carelessly flipping every emerald trade. They immediately knew, that this was their chance to make huge profits.

Now before you ask, was all of this legal? Absolutely fucking not.

XLNuggets enderchest 18-05-2022 A small amount of 5000 gold

On the first day, emeralds were cheap as fuck. They were able to buy three emeralds for a single gold ingot, which made them 900% in profits. Over the course of five days, they were able to fuck the prices of emeralds by 300%, so an emerald went for a 1:1 price ratio.

However, even when emeralds went for 1:1, the company was able to make 300% in profits everytime they bought one emerald. You see the trade on the right? Yeah, that made them 2400 gold.

The company became a kind of meme in chat, because they would spam everytime they wanted to buy emeralds. Especially Nuggets and Fen became known for "manipulating" the emerald market, but of course no one knew what the fuck was going on. They joked about an emerald castle being built.

In the end, one player had gotten so pissed about them buying all the emeralds, right in front of him, that he decided to find out about their method, and get them banned. 7Fen and XLNuggets were both permanently banned, however they were unbanned three days later.