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Kerala is the second largest city in the Indian Realm. The mayor of Kerala is SirWhopper. The town was founded on the 12th Of December.



Under Britain Kerala was a new colony in the British Raj. It was able to develop quickly and dominate the Tamil area of India.

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United Empire

As the capital of the UE, Kerala was the source of major crisis between the UK and Germany.

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In the age of India, the Mayor of Kerala is the Secretary Of Defense for India. When the United Empire and India Merged the following government positions and people changed:

Supreme Leader Of UE (SirWhopper) --------> Secretary Of Defence For India (SirWhopper)

Secretary Of Defence For UE (DanThMann) --------> General Of The Army Of India (DanThMann)

Secretary Of The Treasury (chris2103) --------> Secretary Of The Treasury (chris2103)

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New India

Under New India, Kerala became the center of, and instigator of the enormous Kerala War that dominated server politics for a month. While initially Japanese, it later became a Lantaun possession again.

Keralan Flag


This flag was originally the United Empire flag but now that the United Empire and India has merged, it is only in use for the towns flag.

The United Empire's flag derived from the British Union Jack, as it was previously a colonial possession of Decembrist Britain. The flag has since been passed as the UE is long dead.